The real Wonderland has colossal cake! Shape-shifting optional.

Alice may have grown up but her cakes are still magically delicious and her tea parties slightly twisted.  Well, that’s if Once Upon a Tart  has anything to do with it.

No ordinary café 

Once Upon a Tart, GlasgowThis quirky café  is tucked away from the bustle of Glasgow’s city-centre on King Street –  a refreshing new take on the average café.  Bursting with colour and character, it’s enchanted forest meets welcoming city-centre hang out.  Be prepared to be mesmerised by this magical  wonderland.

And there’s plenty of room to move – no sitting on top of your neighbour.  Really it’s the perfect place to tell your dirty little secrets over something soothingly sweet and sensational.

Cakes made out of childhood dreams – only bigger and better

Delicious cakes at once upon a tart, GlasgowBut don’t be fool because this café isn’t just a pretty place –  their amazing cakes are to die for.  Think of your childhood favourites,  now think even better and bigger because there is no such thing as skinny slices here.

And rightly so with amazing choices like lovely lemon drizzle cake, heavenly hot chocolate fudge cake and devilishly delicious bread and butter pud.  And at £3.60 a pop, they’re financially guilt-free.

Much more than cakes

And if none of these take your fancy – what’s wrong with you?  Fortunately pernickety is catered for  because there’s still waffles, porridge, scones, muffins, tarts, brownies and more to choose from.

The Tart also boast a broad breakfast selection and a hearty assortment of homemade soups and filling chunky bread sandwiches.

The perfect place to lose track of time

But be warned; leave a bread-crumb trail so that you can make your way back to reality.  Otherwise be prepared to lose all sense of time and be happily distracted by captivating surroundings and the most delicious, giantic sweet treats.  Really a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon (or any other day of the week – they are open till 5pm everyday).

Once Upon a Tart – go for the ambiance, stay for the tremendous cake!

– T


4 responses to “The real Wonderland has colossal cake! Shape-shifting optional.

  1. I’ve seen that cafe, it always looks so pretty but I’ve never been in, I’ll give it a try now – thanks for the heads up

  2. Great Wee place. I’d go in every day if I lived in town

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