Sanity now – or at least for the next hour

I am claiming my hour of sanity.

Beauty Store in GlasgowTucked away off Royal Exchange Square is the Beauty Store – crisp white space, twinkling chandeliers and serenity in the form of soul rejuvenating beauty treatments.

At peace with the world

Instantly I’m at peace with the world – relaxed and for some odd reason whispering to the women as she leads me to my room.  Calming lighting, candles, potions and a comfy bed greet me – I tuck in under the duvet and wait for her return.

And then the magic begins.

Creams, steam and the machine – oh my

There are creams, masks, steaming, pressure-point massages and the machine – which makes slightly disturbing noises but gives the most amazing facial massage.

There are no deadlines, crisis to solve or mundane chitchat.   There is only the soothing sound of waves, total relaxation and rejuvenating creams and steam all working to soothe my face.

Incidentally my beauty therapist is a goddess – she silently and skilfully restores my inner peace and returns life to my tired face.   Is there any better way to splurge £45?  I don’t think so.

I don’t want this to end.  But of course it must.

Watch out world

I reluctantly return to reality.  But I’m a new woman – ready to take on whatever the day throws at me but this time with a fresh face and a smile.

Winter’s tough – relentlessly cold and callous.  Still, there’s no reason this should be reflected on your face or knotted up in your back.  So go on, invest in yourself and claim that hour of calm.

You deserve it.



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