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World street food on your doorstep

I’m feeling very satisfied because I had the tastiest lunch ever. The fact I managed to have it during my work day is an added bonus.

Habibi Kitchen #inGlasgowIn the Briggait we were lucky enough to be visited by the Habibi Kitchen yesterday.

It’s a middle-eastern and world-food pop up stall. Inspired by a love of travel, good food  and interest in what people think about certain dishes, they embarked on their culinary adventure.

Simple but good food

The menu is simple but delicious: fresh salads, tabouleh, chilli and coriander sauce, homemade hummus, pickled turnips and sesame covered falafels cooked right there in front of you.  It’s all crammed into Moroccan pitta bread in a topsy-turvy creation of exploding flavours. And all for £4.50.

If you’re not at the Briggait, don’t worry. Habibi Kitchen moves around Glasgow. So keep your eyes peeled. Or better yet, follow your nose because you’ll probably encounter the tempting aroma before you see it.

Habibi Kitchen coming to you

You can also catch them at their fortnightly stall at Mansfield Park Farmer’s Market in Partick, the next one is this Saturday 31 June from 10am-2pm and this Sunday they will be at the Gibson Street Gala.

So if you’re looking for wonderful world-food that manages to be both delicious and healthy, Habibi is for you.

– B


Silent Sunday – 25 May

Discover the wall of wonder in Glasgow’s East End…

Wall of wonder

Eat your words at Blue Door Cafe

So you didn’t get tickets to Prince. Don’t fret; you can still eat breakfast with Shaft and Stevie Wonder if you head to the Blue Chair café. And that’s exactly what I do.

Quirky cool for the culinary explorer

This wee blue gem is a must. Bursting with quirky cool, it’s the perfect place to unleash your inner creativity, culinary explorer and cake-lover.

We’re treated to a delicious hearty breakfast, delightfully attentive staff and a wonderful selection of sound, including Shaft and Stevie warming up the room with their silky tones.  Folk and rock also feature – so something for every ear.

Omelette heaven at Blue Chair cafe in GlasgowTheir eclectic menu  offers something for everyone – and their DIY omelette is an absolute must. Try the mixed herb, cheddar and onion for  breakfast heaven.

And if you’re lucky enough to get the first slice of cake from the lot, you get it half price. They also do lunch and dinner – so we’ll definitely be back for more.

Eat your words

Poetry bubble wall at Blue Chair Cafe in GlasgowAnd Blue Chair loves an artist.  In fact their café is gallery of art, poetry and instruments. So go on, submit your best words to their poetry box for a chance to feature on their bubble wall.

If you’re poem makes it, you get dinner for two. Excellent!

Their evolving evening menu coupled with BYOB and the possibility of being treated to a performance makes it irresistible.

Or if you’d rather listen, then why not enjoy their spoken word night happening the last Friday of every month from 7pm. Storytellers, poets and songwriters all welcome.

Whether you missed out on the Purple Rain or are feeling Let’s Go Crazy elated after the show, Blue Door is the perfect place to commiserate and celebrate. So go enjoy their simple but sensational food for the body, mind and soul.

– T

Silent Sunday – 18 May

Well-named cocktails await you at the Finnieston Pop-up bar…

Well-named drinks at the Finnieston pop-up bar

Vintage joy at Judy’s

I was looking for that special something to wear. The dress that no-one else has, the accessory that dazzles and hints of untold stories. So I head off to Judy’s Vintage Fair.

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair  only cost £2 to enter (under 12s are free). And it’s well worth it because you get access to the most eclectic range of beautiful dresses, quirky tops, classic jackets and more from the 1920s- 1980s.

A magpie’s dream

Judy's Vintage Fair in GlasgowI start with the one-off designer dresses that instantly cause me to imagine perfect occasions to wear them.

My dreaming is short-lived because I’m distracted by the collection of beautiful jewellery and gorgeous handbag. The embroidered Chinese design purse chants my name but I hold off looking for something to wear.

I’m enthralled by a little white jacket. I try it on, hold my breath but unfortunately my shoulders let me down.  Meanwhile my bargain hunters have gone off in search of the perfect shirt. Rummaging amongst racks of Hawaiian shirts and throwing some moves to the Elvis Presley soundtrack, they’ve clearly also fallen under the spell of the vintage fair.

There are plenty of stalls to find a vintage bargain. And I did! A silk skirt with a retro print, unlike anything in my wardrobe for only £10. I’m delighted and it’s been a truly wonderful shopping experience.

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair comes back to Glasgow this Saturday at The Briggait (141 Bridgegate, G1 5HZ) from 12-5pm. Go discover your unique bargain and strike a pose.

– B

Silent Sunday – 11 May

Superhero on holiday in Glasgow?

Iron Man in Glasgow#Ironman


Silent Sunday – 4 May

We love Glasgow in bloom… sigh

Glasgow in bloom


Get involved in the Games – sports optional

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know the Commonwealth Games are coming to Glasgow this July.  But it’s not all about the sport, which reassures me.  Sport day brings back scary memories.

Something for all – even the non-sporties

In the run up to the Glasgow 2014, concerts, dances, shows and more will all take over the city. But if you fancy more than merely watching from the audience, now is the time to get involved.


Get involved in Barrowland Ballet's dancing - The RiverBarrowland Ballet is doing research for their project The River – an official Festival 2014 event that will be performed down by the Clyde.

I had a chance to take part, trying out different dances that will make up the final performance.  Getting out from behind my computer and dancing away with professionals was liberating.  And highly recommended.

They are currently looking for dancers to be involved in their 150 strong cast – and if you don’t want to dance, they’re looking for volunteers too.


Another amazing  project is On Common Ground from the Citizens Theatre. First Nation storytellers from Manitoulin Island, Canada come together with a cast of over 150 Glaswegians to tell a story of community, family and the natural world.  It’s going to be magical so don’t miss out on getting involved – become one of their participants or volunteers.


If singing is more your thing, then Big Big Sing are inviting you to join in the joyous experience of singing with 1,000s of people on Glasgow Green 27 July. Their BIG Big Big Sing  is a  truly uplifting way to celebrate the Commonwealth Games.  All welcome – including first- time singers.

So go on – get involved in the Games your way!