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Silent Sunday – 27 April

Nothing to fear in Glasgow…

Don't be afraid in Glasgow's Merchant City


Open the door and explore

Who are we to resist opening a door with a question mark on it? It’s a riddle that deserves to be solved.

1116 Argyle pop-up bar - #inglasgowInside we find an alluring pop-up playland.  This mish-mash of odd tables and chairs, lamps and lights and an eclectic crowd –makes this cosy bar strangely welcoming.

We nestle into a table at the back, admire the evolving wall art and check out the extensive drinks board of cocktails playing tribute to different areas of Glasgow.

Overcome with choice – I start with a G&T. Hendricks appears to be their standard. I’m beginning to like this place more and more.

Bathroom wall - 1116 Argyle Street pop up bar - Finnieston Do write on the walls

It’s all  so casual, comfortable – kind of like you’re at a friend’s house party, the good kind.  The sort with interesting people, good tunes and complimentary lighting.  And it’s totally ok to write on the bathroom wall – in fact, it’s encouraged. Chalk provided for every would-be loo philosopher.

And if while you’re enjoying soulful sounds and electro 80s throw- back you begin to feel peckish, this pop-up party has a small tapas menu – including the dessert variety.

I’m not sure if Finnieston’s latest hangout is here to stay or merely treating us to a temporary tantalising time. All the more reason you need to get yourself down to 1116 Argyle.

Enjoy it while it last – we certainly will.

@finniestonpopup #finniestonpopup

– T

Silent Sunday – 20 April

Drop that Easter egg & get to Glasgow International – on til 21 April

GI festival - wheel chair at GOMA

Art is all around – Glasgow International

Glasgow is a city with a constant hub of visual art. But Glasgow International (GI)  has a wonderful way of putting art in your way – so you literally can’t miss it.

The Briggait has been overrun with the build up to GI. Inflatable ladders leading up to my office on the balcony offer an alternative route down. The exhibition, Reclaimed – The Second Life of Sculpture – explores the historical and contemporary work, including some of that’s not seen the light of day for two decades.

Some of the exhibits are a flashback to the 80s. So stroll around this eclectic mix and absorb it all.

It’s ok to touch

GI festival in Glasgow- GOMAThe GoMA is home to my favourite exhibition – Things to Come by Aleksandra Domanvoic.  A must see.  Art you can touch is always an exciting novelty – and you can walk through this art.

And if you fancy learning more, check out the small DVD library of films you can borrow for 48 hours. Brilliant.

There’s a huge programme of events happening across Glasgow for GI until the 21April, including talks, walks and workshops. So go on – stumble across some art across the city, try out a workshop and discover something new and wonderful.

– B

Silent Sunday – 13 April

Travel the Riverside Museum’s road to wonder…

Double-decker tram at the Riversid Museum in Glasgow

Enjoy culinary creativity at the City Merchant

I’ve passed this pleasant looking Candleriggs eatery thousand of times. So I decide it’s time to stop looking and start experiencing all the City Merchant has to offer.

Like home – but taste better

Cosy surroundings and tartan decor (including the wallpaper) instantly make us feel welcomed. It’s kind of like going to your favourite auntie’s house – you know the one that’s the captivating story teller, wooden finish fanatic and an absolute goddess in the kitchen.

Hake and capers with beetroot cannelloni #InGlasgowThe selection of meat and fish is impressive – none of us can resist the slightly unusual but very scrumptious sounding hake and capers combo with beetroot cannelloni.

It does not disappoint. Bursting with flavour and colour, it’s the perfect combination of savoury with a sweet, sharp undertone. Melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

Irresistible coffee chocolate cake glory

Heavenly coffee and chocolate cake at City Merchant in GlasgowAnd although I’m technically full, I cannot say no to the coffee and chocolate cake combo – the perfect after dinner pick-me-up. To my absolute delight it is more like a creamy coffee and coco infused cheesecake. Smooth and absolutely sensational.

But if sweet treats aren’t your thing, the selection of Scottish and British Isle cheeses are equally appetising.

Besides attentive staff and delicious food, the City Merchant offers a totally relaxed ambiance. We happily spend the evening laughing (loudly), eating and drinking – feeling uninhibited and totally satisfied.  Three courses, several drinks and coffee come in at a very reasonable £28 each for our table of four, including tip.

So, if like me you’ve walked past this Merchant City, stop. Go inside and treat your tastebuds to a sensational mash-up of adventurous culinary creations. You won’t be disappointed.

– T

Silent Sunday – 6 April

Fun and games at the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)

GOMA in Glasgow

Four stars for the Grosvenor

It’s been raining forever so we take shelter at the Grosvenor Cinema on Ashton Lane.

Grosvenors Cinema #inGlasgowAt this charming two cinema picture house  going to see a film is a total experience.

From the well-stocked fridge in the foyer offering up wine, cider, beer and soft drinks, to the actual glass that they’re served in, it’s all class.

Movie-going in comfort and style

Curl up in the spacious seats and store your drink on the wooden sideboard, sit back and relax. If you want to get really cosy with a special someone, book the sofas along the back and snuggle in. It makes for a rather luxurious experience.

The Grosvenor understands it’s the little things – like comfy seats and not putting your audience through 25 minutes of ads and trailers that they don’t want to see. I’m delighted to only have to watch a few trailers then straight into the feature film. Hooray!

Although the film wasn’t as impressive as the venue, the cinematic experience was the best I’ve had in years – and all for 10pence more than the cost of a ticket at Cineworld.

So what are you waiting for? Get out of the rain and into the glory and goodness of the Grosvenor.