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Silent Sunday – 23 December

We’re on the ‘good list’.  Phew! 
See you in January after a well-deserved break…

Christmas holidays - we're back in January


Oh yes I did… love Christmas shows galore

Joy of joys!  It’s Christmas in Glasgow – meaning not one but three rave-reviewed Christmas shows to explore.

Aganeza Scrooge c. Tron TheatreFor panto fans, the Tron Theatre’s Aganeza Scrooge, created, staring and directed by panto-pro Johnny McKnight, is a must.  In this ‘bittersweet social commentary and pugnacious panto’ Ebenezer Scrooge is transformed into Aganeza Scrooge, complete with spangled leotard. Wowzers.

Sleeping sensation

The Citizen’s fresh perspective on Sleeping Beauty reveals what happened after Beauty is kissed by the prince. Fantastically fun Tim Burton meets Shrek music compliments this re-energised classic perfectly.

Delightful disco duckling

And although the Arches’ the Ugly Duckling is aimed at four-year-olds and up,  (big and little) kids and adults alike are in for a treat.  With a barnyard full of pregnant animals and a liberating soundtrack from the disco fever of the 1980s, I was smiling for the majority of the show.  Young, old or anyone in between will clap along.  It’s nearly impossible not to.

Tis’ the season to indulge so treat yourself to a show or three and feel merry all over.

– B

Silent Sunday – 16 December

Delicious winter wonderland at Cupcake  

Christmas cupcakes in Merchant City

Christmas is in the bag

The quest for my mother’s Christmas present continues so I head out again to visit some old favourites that I’m sure will deliver.

Bags galore at Elis Handmade Gift ShopI’m walking down Creswell Lane towards Nancy Smilie when I’m lured into De Courcy’s Arcade by a glimpse of something at Elis Handmade Craft and Gift shop.

Beautiful bags galore

This isn’t a gift shop but charming homage to the perfect bag.  Admittedly I wouldn’t know a Burberry from a Bulgari – I have no interest in designer.  But I can fully appreciate beautiful hand-crafted carriers that cause me to coo, touch and believe that it can quite literally hold the key to my happiness…or at the very least my home.

Laptop bags, cushions and jewelleryAnd Elis doesn’t just have the bag of all – it has a slew of unbelievably ideal bags all calling my name.

A personal favourite is a brown suede number with leather flowers called Bella’s Bag. Although Adeline’s white bag is so soft to touch it’s almost impossible to resist.  Laptop bags, homemade cushions and jewellery also call out to me.

I circle the shop imagining the different bags and perfect occasions they could celebrate – except for one… my mother’s gift has been replaced with working out how to get my husband in here before Christmas.

Do touch

So, if you are still looking for one of the most important Christmas present of all – yours,   get yourself (or your significant other) to Elis Handmade shop.  Also available online  but the pictures don’t do the bags justice because these beauties need to be touched to be fully appreciated.

– B

Eccentrics, intellects and jokers united at the pub quiz

Tuesday Pub Quiz at Admiral Bar in GlasgowIs your head filled with arbitrary facts?  Do you, for instance, know what side Gorbachev’s birthmark is on?  Or if ABC ever actually had a UK number 1?  Or what part of the body reflexology is performed on?

Yes! Then get yourself to one of the many pub quizzes happening across Glasgow for try at cash, free drink, good fun and, in the case of the Admiral Bar, lighted-hearted ‘abuse’ lovingly doled out by quiz master Dave.

At the Admiral if you know any good jokes – bonus, quite literally, or at least a free round of drinks.  Sadly and surprisingly our ‘Why did the monkey fall out of the tree…because it was dead’ gag didn’t win us anything but a few groans.  Can’t please all humours.

The Ace of Spades?

Good with celebrity faces?  Even better.  And although I couldn’t pick out Lemmy from Motorhead, I made up for my lack of rock-god knowledge by identifying Ricky Martin and a totally reinvented Miley Cyrus.

Yes, admittedly a pub quiz can be a wake-up call to add more culture into your life, read more and watch less crap TV.  But it’s also a good, inexpensive night out (1/2 price pizzas at the Admiral) – that unites diverse minds and cultivates a team where feminism, pop-culture, geography, homeopathy and so much more can exist together harmoniously.

The Tuesday Admiral pub quiz offers a £50 bar tab to the winning team and an impressive £350 cash prize for any masterminds who manage a perfect score.  And there’s £1000 up for grabs on the 18 December – so sign up your team now.

Something for every taste

If you’re looking for something a little more (ahem) highbrow, Babity Bowster’s monthly quiz is said to give even the savviest know-it-all a run for their knowledge.   Black Sparrow’s Thursday night quiz offers a £50 voucher that can be used for food or drink at the bar.  A case of beer is up for grabs at Sloan’s Thursday night ‘bad boy’ quiz  and even if you don’t win at West Brewery’s quiz, you’re in cosy surroundings with top quality beer.

So go on, the choices are endless.  Put that knowledge to the test.


Silent Sunday – 9 December

Dashing through the city – ho ho hooray!

Santa Dash 2012 in Glasgow

Santa Dash 2012

Get into the festive spirits

Tis’ the season for a tipple or two.  So why not try something different – something more extraordinary than ordinary to celebrate the festivities.  But what?  We’re not quite sure so treat our pallets to the good stuff at a gin tasting at The Good Spirits Co.

Gin tasting at The Good Spirit Co in GlasgowTucked in behind the shop front is their sampling room where along with approximately 30 others, you’re in for a tasting treat.

Never judge a gin by its bottle…or name

If you think all gins are the same, oh how wrong you are.

Via co-owner of the shop and knowledgeable host of the tasting, we discover they can be surprisingly and wonderfully different.   From the rather earthy tasting Gin Xoriguer, that’s bottle suggests it’s been brewed by pirates,  to the totally effortlessly smooth Brockman’s concoction of orange and berries with the right hint of coriander, our tastebuds are both challenged and enchanted.

In addition to learning about gin’s early Dutch origins and that post-regulation in the late 1600s one-in-four flats in were brewing gin in London, we also discover to never judge a gin by the bottle or its name.   The slick-bottled Berkeley Square is unexpectedly herbal with hints of, would you believe, basil.

In total we happily sample (ahem throw back) six gins and one gin-based cocktail.  And admittedly although the room’s quite jovial by the end, we learn a lot about the once medicinal juniper-fused delight and importantly discover what flavours we actually enjoy most.

Just don’t drink, taste

So, if you’re up for discovering something new in a relaxed friendly setting, get yourself to the next The Good Spirits Co. tasting session.

And if gin’s not your thing – try one of their many other nights on offer like bourbon, wine, whiskey or even beer.  At just £15 it’s a fantastic deal.  Even better – 10% off all bottles tasted on the night.   So go on liberate your tastebuds and as Good Spirit Co says, don’t just drink, taste!

– T

The world awaits at the Christmas market

Christmas Market in Glasgow - Turkish delightThe hustle, bustle and lights of the St Enoch’s Square Christmas market always draws me in. Christmas is officially here.

With my sons in tow, I set off to sort the dilemma of my mum’s Christmas present. I’m hoping the international market’s many and varied stalls will spark some inspiration.

Welcome to the global kitchen

The Sunday crowds are out in force.  We shuffle through clusters of people lured in by the aroma; going with the flow is the only way to survive the masses. There’s literally heaps of gorgeous food – my sons eyes pop as we explore the gastronomic tour of the world.

Crepes and churros draped in nutella, sugar from France, biscuits and cakes from Italy, curry from India, chorizo and paella from Spain – we hardly know where to starGlasgow Christmas Market cheeset. We finally opt for Germany – enjoying a hearty Bratwurst followed by Dutch waffles.

We  eye up the strange green cheese then circle the stalls again – we can’t resist the Turkish delights, pistachios, rose and lemon and pomegranate.

Blissfully full but forgetful

Admittedly my mum’s present has totally been forgotten. Full-up with food and contented, we’re ready to search the stalls again.  The choice is endless: beautiful leather bound notebooks; detailed metal works; snuggly woollen hats tempt us but don’t feel right for mum. Jewellery, scarves and bags are all options but I admit defeat realising my shopping ambitions have been lost to the sensational smells and tastes.

There’s only one solution – I’ll just have to come back again when I’m more focused. Perhaps shopping first and food later is the way to go… though I’m already dreaming of trying that paella next time round.

– B

Silent Sunday – 2 December

Come fly with me in Glasgow…

Glasgow swings in George Square