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Silent Sunday – 30 September

Birdwatching Glasgow style …

Bird mannequins in Glasgow

Escape the rain and step back in time

I’m wandering through Glasgow Green on my lunch break when the sky opens up a flood so I take shelter in the People’s Palace.

Admittedly I haven’t been in years and I’ve forgotten about what a great museum it is. Up the grand wooden stairs,  I’m greeted by the Ten Commandments in pure Glaswegian.  Brilliant!

Living history, breathing life

The spirit of Glasgow dwells here.  History from 1750 to the end of the 20th century comes to life through installations, objects and voice recordings.

I wander in-and-out of different pockets of time like the Buttercup Dairy and the Anderson Bomb Shelter.   I discover  the various possessions of  the city’s most famous – Billy Connolly’s banana boots are a definite favourite.

A must-see

Refreshingly there’s no shushing curators or hands-off signs.  Kids run freely from room-to-room, pushing buttons and having fun.  In fact, they’re encouraged to test their curiosity and try things out.

People's palace tenement room, GlasgowAnd that’s what this big kid does.  My favourite installation has to be the tenement room – a tiny space that the entire family crammed into – sleeping, bathing, eating and living.   I’m suddenly very appreciative of the luxury of space in my own life.

Down pour avoided and lunch break over, I reluctantly return to the present.

Rain or shine the People’s Palace is a must-see museum.  Give it a go and discover the different areas of Glasgow life – old and new; their latest exhibition is a collection of souvenirs from the Olympic Games.

Explore and enjoy.  And do touch!

– B

Discover Glasgow’s vintage variety

Big sigh.  Autumn’s here, time to bundle up and add extra layers.  And there’s no better place to get something with a bit of personality than at Glasgow’s many second hand shops and vintage fairs happening across the city.

Very reasonable vintage

Vintage brooch - Glasgow Vintage CompanyThe Glasgow Vintage Company  specialises in spectacular vintage items that won’t break the bank.  This West End wonder’s friendly staff are happy to help, and whether you’re looking for that woolly jumper to warm up in, a dazzling dress or for dapper dudes, perhaps a top hat – it’s here.

I’m delighted to find a vintage costume brooch for a mere £6.  It may not keep me any warmer but it’s certainly heats up my outfit and is  a bargain.

Proud Grannies

Granny Would Be Proud is a West End treasure chest of interesting stalls and an eclectic mix of vintage and retro fashion, crafts, arts and anything in between.  Its ideal setting at the Hill Head Book Club means you can have a good nosy and satisfy both your fashion desires and a rumbling tummy.  Normally held every second Sunday, their next event is on 7 October.

Afternoon treats

Afternoon Twee - Glasgow,  stationery and glasswareThe South Side’s Afternoon Twee is a vast vintage fair held at the Tusk Club on the last Sunday of the month.

Free entry in – a slew of vendors offer everything from vintage clothing to new independent designs as well as jewellery, cakes, trinkets for the house and other charms like quirky owl pillows, beautiful stationery and delicate glass delights.

If you’ve got the time, there are endless options to discover.

Melting pot of choice

If you can catch it, Gin in Teacups is a fantastic travelling fair with dates around Scotland – including in Glasgow.  Here Camden punk meets Paris chic topped off by Art House Tacheles in Berlin.  This melting pot of independent sellers offer a distinct and diverse selection of fashion, cakes, records and rarities at ‘cheap as chips’ prices.  Check their site for upcoming events.

When only spectacular will do

Slightly off the beaten path on Hydepark Street is Saratoga’s Trunk – an absolute treasure trove of vintage glee.  This long-standing savvy specialist is a massive warehouse overflowing with thousands of wonderful finds including costume jewellery, vintage clothing, accessories and even props from the Victorian age through to the 90’s.

Admittedly this isn’t for the everyday occasion and is more expensive than the other shops. But if you’ve got something special coming up, it’s definitely worth a look.  Alternatively you may be able to hire some items.  Viewing is by appointment so give them a call 0141 22 4433 to book a time to explore their impressive selection.

Happy hunting!

– T

Silent Sunday – 23 September

Beware of Glasgow’s fiery fierce Tiger…

Tiger mural in Glasgow

Where dreams take flight

Ballet shoes, Scottish Ballet, GlasgowAdmittedly I’m a little awestruck when I enter the Scottish Ballet building. Everything is just so perfect.

Beautiful offices, wooden walls, fantastic views, huge glass windows and dancers floating gracefully around the building with flawless physiques.

Triple bill thrill

5 Tango costume, Scottish BalletBut I’m not here to flutter.  Along with the other bloggers, I’m here for the sneak preview rehearsals for  5 Tangos, Workwithinwork and Run for it  part of an impressive triple bill for the Scottish Ballet’s new autumn season.

Excitement is in the air – we’re treated to a look at the most amazing costumes for 5 Tangos  and even get to see where they’re magically created.

The new artistic director Christopher Hampson arrives, and rehearsals shift into action.  It’s incredible.

5 Tango dancers, Scottish BalletI’m instantly absorbed in the dancing unfolding within an arm’s reach of me.  The first tango opens with the entire company in an open embrace – an invitation to us, their captivated audience.

The second piece is much darker; a lone dancer is surrounded by six prowling men – yet she’s the one in control keeping them at bay.  Music pulsates and the third tango begins – the solo male dancer brings a powerful intensity to the stage.  And I am completely lost in the moment.

During the fourth piece the tango’s a weapon and then an embrace. Suddenly there’s dancing everywhere –  lifting, turning, jumping, until everyone’s in unison.

Dancing, it’s in us

Clare and Owen, Scottish BalletAfter the preview, we’re treated to a post-preview chat with principal dancer Clare Robertson and Owen Thorne from the Coryphee. They share their lust for this ‘living art’ explaining how dance lives within them; their bodies have hundreds of moves just waiting to be brought to life.

This amazing triple bill extravaganza is not to be missed and is on at the Theatre Royal  in Glasgow 4-6 October.  It is bold, beautiful and enchating.  And you can get amazing seats for only £18 (£15) – since the Scottish Ballet have set a one- seat price for any seat for this show.

I’ve got my tickets.  Have you got yours?

And remember, this is just one of a slew of other wonderful shows on offer including Hansel & Gretel, Highland Fling, and Nutcracker.


Silent Sunday – 16 September

Sundays are made for savouring chocolate delights….


21 years on, the Arches have still got it

Turning 21 is to be celebrated – especially when you’ve been entertaining the masses for over the last two decades.  An excellent host,  21 years on the Arches continues to throw the most fabulous, unmissable events month-after-month.

If you haven’t enjoyed any of their festivities, where have you been?  Thankfully, it’s not too late to crawl from under that rock and discover the many wonderful revelries on offer.

Whether it’s enthralling club nights and gigs, exhibitions or performances of every variety, it’s all waiting for you.  And if you dare to get involved, you can channel your inner artist and  try out a new idea in front of an audience at an upcoming scratch night  or take your chances at the interactive Alien Wars.  Not for the faint of heart; you have been warned.

Arches Live – so much to experience

From 18 – 29 September Arches Live will be showcasing innovative and intriguing new work by Scotland’s emerging artists. This year’s festival is bigger, better and bolder – and not to be missed.  With over 30 performances to choose from in a two-week span, there’s something for everyone, myself included.

There’s so much to choose from but the shows that have sparked my curiosity include:

Arches Live, God loves a trier, Victoria BianchiVictoria Bianchi’s God Loves A Trier,  exploring our ability (or lack of)  to see things through to the end; Fire Into Song,  featuring the talents of Cara Berger, Victoria Beesley and Vanessa Coffey that introduces a female Prometheus and promises to be different each night – and the voyeuristic Minotaur/Monitor . Calum MacAskill’s short, thought provoking experience gives insight into the life of the half human, half bull. ‘Live feed’ begins at 6pm.

If you’re taking in a few shows, you may want to consider getting a festival pass (£32/26) or a day pass (£18/12).

So go on discover, dance and be merry.

– T