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One for the (hairy) lads…

Sometimes a picture just says it better.

Charilie - the MoHair Dog, Glasgow

If you’re a dude in need of a haircut, look no further than MoHair on King Street in Glasgow.  These guys know hair – and they want you to look your best.  They also happen to love good music; the chat isn’t bad either.

And if you’re lucky, you just might get to meet this charming furry fellow.  Hair satisfaction, great tunes and a cool canine.

What’s not to love?

– T

Silent Sunday Retrospect – 27 May

Sun, sound  and blue sky bliss at the Southside Festival

Enjoying music at Southside festival in Glasgow

Sunshine on Glasgow

Glasgow never looked better.

Every outdoor bar and eatery is brimming with brightly clad happy shiny people.  The weather is simply too glorious to ignore.  Summer has landed!  And whether it’s here to stay or just passing through, make the most of it.

Get out there – soak it up, savour the heat and rejuvenate your soul.  And why not have a civilised drink or two.  If you’re looking to get off the beaten ‘Lane’, try out one of these fantastic alternatives:


Mono bar and eatery, GlasgowTucked away off King Street is Mono (at Kings Court) – a relaxing hangout with plenty of places to laze about in the open air, sip refreshing cool delights, get a bite to eat and soak up sun and sound.

Tiki Bar

At the very far end of Bath Street the Tiki Bar’s tropical paradise awaits – complete with outdoor aloha fun and delicious cocktails served up in the most interesting of ways. My favourite has to be the gin and juice served up in a sly skull glass.


Easy to miss but good to find this North Street treasure.  Like theTardis Chinaskis is bigger and bolder than it appears – offering up a magical back beer garden, perfect for losing track of time and people watching.

Southside festival

Can’t be sure if they’re responsible for all the great weather but it’s certainly worth checking out the many events happening in the South of the city this Saturday – including a Queen’s Park take over.  Sunshine, art, entertainment, activities and more.  What’s not to love?


  • Have fun but go home before you blister yourself into
    red lobster oblivion.
  • Sun is good – but so is water, so drink some now and again.
  • Savour that crisp cold (insert drink here) but don’t drown your dignity in the bottom of one too many.
  • And don’t complain about being too hot – take off that jumper and fur lined boots (yes I’ve seen them) and enjoy May as it’s meant to be.
  • And lastly (as the song says) wear sunscreen.


–       T

Claim back lunch – breathe in and then out

Trying to carve some time for myself in the middle of the working day is a nightmare. Cramming in my lunch, I invariably end up eating at my desk facing off with the computer screen.

Claim back calm

Briggait, GlasgowBut not today – because I’m striving for mental calm and clarity through T’ai chi.

Dance House  is offering 45 minute sessions of T’ai chi down at the Briggait for a £5 every Tuesday at lunchtime – 12:30pm.  In a previous life the Briggait was an old fish market and is now one of those intriguing transformed buildings, great for exploring.

Shake off inhibitions– welcome calm

I have to admit feeling slightly silly in the beginning, the 10 of us dwarfed by the vast hall.  But with the sun shining down through the windows and a great open space – and not a computer in sight – I can’t help but begin to relax.

Of course it takes a while to switch the voice off in my head running through my task list but in the end I got there.  Background noises are replaced with a total sense of calm.

A ball of energy

The repetitive seemingly simple moves have a surprisingly tangible effect on my body.  After a series of exercises the instructor mentions we might feel a “ball of energy”.  And I do; I feel heat in my hands – an odd, but wonderful new sensation.

In those 45 minutes I slowed down, relaxed and focused on something so physical and repetitive in nature that I was totally absorbed and able to banish any daily distractions.  It’s a rejuvenating way to spend a lunch hour – now if I can only hold onto that clarity of body and mind for the rest of the week.

So, claim back lunch – and take 45 minutes for yourself, connect with calm and improve your day.

– B

Silent Sunday – 20 May

In a Sunday slump?
Raise your spirits at the Merchant City Market.

Merchant City Market, Candleriggs in Glasgow


Return to glamour at Rogano

I always love it when total anticipation lives up to expectation.  And Rogano’s stellar reputation as a much-loved Glasgow eatery is well-deserved.

Admittedly I’m a little anxious about going.  What if it’s dingy and dated?  What if they snub newbies for their recognised regulars?  What if the food is anything less than impeccable and served by the world’s rudest waiter?

I don’t have anything to worry about.

Beautiful surrounding and welcoming waiters

Simply put, Rogano is truly magical. Its deceptively small exterior gives way to an Aladdin’s cave of beautiful surroundings, art deco accents and old world opulence – including well-tailored waiters who instantly make you feel welcomed.  And then there’s the food.

Obviously these seafood aficionados know exactly what they’re doing – they’ve been around since the 1930s for good reason.  Their commitment to excellent service and extraordinary food is so clearly embedded in everything they do.

Langoustines at Rogano's in GlasgowSoft lighting, plush surrounding and particularly comfy seats only add to the charm. And there’s the perfect touch of old New York allure.

Refreshingly their generous (and delicious) portions will leave you feeling completely satisfied.  I start with the soup with rouille & parmesan croutons, which seems endless.

Grilled sole at Rogano's in GlasgowMr tries his hand at the immense garlic and herb langoustines – not for the faint of heart and definitely for those that like to play with their food. To avoid food envy we both get the perfectly grilled lemon sole as mains.

Dessert is a must

Honeycomb Baked Alaska at Rogano's in GlasgowUtterly stuffed but feeling we’d forever regret skipping dessert, we opt for the Honeycomb Baked Alaska – sweet heavenly delight.

The Rogano experience is a return to glamour, stepping back in time and experiencing all the very best bits.

All in dinner for two, including tip, comes to just under £120. OK, obviously not for everyday – but relatively reasonable considering the three courses and several drinks we each enjoyed (including a glass of champagne – just seemed right).  And certainly cheaper than a trip to New York – but possibly just as enjoyable.

– T

Silent Sunday – 13 May

We love Glasgow in bloom (sigh)

Trees in bloom on Candleriggs, Glasgow