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Silent Sunday – 23 February

Sunday bliss = sights and sipping the perfect cuppa at Tinderbox…

Tindexbox in Glasgow


The unmissable Jack

Jack Vettriano ticket at Kelvingrove in GlasgowThere are some things that simply look better in person. Jack Vettriano’s magnificent works of art are certainly one of them.

You just don’t see them –  you breathe them in, truly experiencing  each captivating scene.  So if you can get yourself to the Kelvingrove before the 23 February, do.

This prolific artist often divides people’s opinion.  Adore him or loathe him, there is no denying that his artistry is worth seeing in person.

Face-to-face with the butler

Admiring acclaimed works like the ‘Singing Butler’ is nothing short of mesmerising. Her red dress burst off the canvas and contrasting colours and textures intoxicate my mind. And I’m certain I detect a gust of wind sweep by from the blustery scene.

It’s also nice to discover Mr Vettriano’s other more recent, but equally magnificent, ‘Scorched’  of a sun-drenched sultry bather.  Room after room after room  continues to enthrall and enthuse.  How many beautiful paintings can one man paint?  Many.

Colour your memories beautiful

Jack Vettranio wall at Kelvingrove in GlasgowDiscovering some of his sources of inspiration  – from Scarlet O’Hara, to David Bowie and Leonard Cohen – gives particular insight into his life, loves and work.

And though I can’t take any pictures, my memories are now vividly coloured with hypnotic scenery.

A tip – book your tickets in advance to skip the queue.  Or if like us you didn’t think ahead, do stick around for 20 minutes wait – it is worth every second.

– T

Silent Sunday – 16 February

Winter woes be gone. Hooray for the return of sun to Glasgow.

Winter sunshine on Glasgow

Love is simply delicious

It’s Valentine’s Day, love is in the air and I have fallen head-over-heels for a sandwich.

The relationship started on a rainy  day when getting out felt like an achievement.  I stopped for a pick-me-up at Piece, an unassuming café on 1056  Argyle Street that makes the most delish gourmet sandwiches.

Lovely staff, out-of-this-world good sandwiches

Delish sandwich at Piece in GlasgowI’m greeted by lovely woman who actually takes the time to explain how it all works.

Welcome to freshly baked bread and a range of quality ingredients from pastrami to mango and lime salsa to  spicy sauces, soup, and mouth-watering desserts.  Choose from a pre-set selection of sandwich combinations or freestyle from the ingredients on offer.

I go for the Caesar described as ‘roast chicken, parmesan, garlic mayo and leaves’.  But this description doesn’t do this god of sandwiches justice.   The garlic mayonnaise coupled with olives and cucumbers round off this sumptuous sandwich.

My husband’s towering chicken ole looks like a work of art – and with recommended added chilli mayonnaise, he’s in heaven.  My kids free style and are so impressed that they’re already planning their next trip.

Great food, great price – nice

The lime and coconut sponge and chocolate brownie – seals the deal.  Piece is a new favourite.   Simple pricing for any sandwich, regardless of ingredients (£3.95 take away and £4.95 sit in) makes it impossible not to adore.

So go on – fall in love for all the right reasons with the utterly delicious Piece.  I plan on eating my through the menu.  Next up Jamaican chicken…or possibly falafel.  Or maybe I’ll freestyle.

– B

Silent Sunday 9 February

Despite the cold, the Duke of Wellington is looking truly tropical.

The Duke of Wellington gets a tropical makeover in Glasgow

Don’t just say it – sing it!

Resolved to do something new in 2014?  Have a song in your heart that’s aching to be free?  Ever thought of joining a choir?  No?  Well, think again.

Firstly, don’t be fooled – choirs are not just for granny. They are for everyone, every ability and musical interest.   In fact in some circles choirs are the new rock-and-roll – especially when you’re belting out tunes from Talking Heads to Queen and beyond.

Community choirs like Glasgow’s Power Cut Choir and the Arches Choir celebrate song through an electric range of rock and pop sensations.   All are welcome – granny, the inexperienced and the self-proclaimed virtuoso alike.

Big Big Sing logoAn excellent way to dip the toe into the musical waters is at one of Big Big Sing’s upcoming events.  This sensational project’s mission is to get Scotland and  the rest of the UK singing to celebrate the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Next up is their Big Big Sing day in Glasgow on Sunday 9 Feb.  They promise to get you singing in one afternoon with songs from around the commonwealth.   Even better, no experience needed.

Fit, healthy and singing

If your New Year’s resolution includes getting fit and healthy, joining a choir is just the trick.  Far less sweaty than a gym, singing can help your breathing, aid relaxation and improve your wellbeing. It’s also a great for socialising.  What’s not to love?

So go on, let your voice soar through song in 2014.

– T