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Silent Sunday – 26 Sunday

Nothing to do?  In Glasgow?  Impossible!

Glasgow posters - always something on


Happily losing my mind at Crockets

I step through the door and immediately feel I’ve entered another dimension. Crockets  the Ironmonger is an Aladdin’s cave of wonderful and wacky things.  In fact, I’ve already forgotten what I’m here for.  Suddenly I’m distracted by the array of dazzling cooking utensils and a rather intriguing ‘over boiling preventer’ –  a particularly good invention for someone like myself… a somewhat forgetful chef.

Lawn mowers at Crocket's in GlasgowEverything, everything and more

Besides the baking trinkets, cake bling and kitchen utensils, the first floor offers up a seemingly endless cavern filled with the gardening tools and contraptions of every variety, lawnmowers all in a row ready to roar and walls brimming with drills, a selection of door knockers and even bathroom accessories.

And there’s more – electrical goods, household stuff and a million things that quite honestly I don’t know what it’s for.

Wellies at Crocket's in GlasgowUpstairs it’s even more intriguing.  I’m greeted by posh wellingtons and horse riding equipment, fishing gear –  complete with impressive looking rods and all manner of paraphernalia.

It’s not that I don’t know these types of things exist but specialty shops  like this open up my eyes to what I’m missing.

Gismos, gadgets and whatchamacallits

And somehow in the rush of it all the mundane search for a vegetable peeler comes flooding back to me.  At last I remember exactly what has led me into this Tardis-like shop with the widest and wildest selection of goods I’ve ever seen all in one place.

So if you’re not quite sure what you need but are happy to get lost in the myriad of gismos, gadgets and an assortment of wonderful thingamabobs, get yourself to Crockets.

Forget what you came for and discover all those things you didn’t even realise you were missing.

– B

Silent Sunday – 19 March

Spring blossoms in Glasgow …

Spring blosoms in GlasgowSavour (fleeting) spring moments.

Silent Sunday – 12 May

Nothing looks as sweet as the finish line! 

Finish line - women's 10K in Glasgow

Well done to all those fab women who ran the 10K in Glasgow this morning.  Champions! #glasgowwomens10K



Bikes, battleships and beautiful frocks

Double-decker tram at Riverside MuseumAdmittedly I don’t really want to go to the Riverside Transport Museum.  I have no interest in cars so they’ll be nothing for me there.    Or so I thought.

Dazzled by a double D…and a dress

Stepping through the doors I’m pleasantly surprised and instantly dazzled by the double-decker tram, swanky autos spanning every era and would you believe – beautiful frocks.

Audrey's Mini dress at Riverside MuseumFurther on I’m drawn in by the bright red mini and another spectacular mini – of the dress variety – worn by the equally sensational Audrey Hepburn in Two for the Road.

There are cars of every shape,  size and style, giant steam engines and an alluring wall of motorbikes.  Even if, like me, you’re not into this sort of thing, bet you’re still impressed.


No hill too steep with people power

Or if you prefer people power, there’s no better way to peddle around than on a bicycle built for….four!Bicycle built for four!

Along my road to discovery I explore the original Glasgow underground, admire a mighty impressive battleship replica and manage to find the perfect way for me and the Mr to get around – of course he gets the sidecar.

My new wheels - sidecar gloryThe transport museum is a fab free day out that lets you wander your way through time and learn a lot in a truly enjoyable way.

So hit the road, get on your bike, and sail away.  How you get there doesn’t really matter, but do check out the exceptional Transport Museum.

– T

Silent Sunday – 5 May

Enjoy a lazy Sunday at Cafe Gandolfi…

Cafe Gandolfi Merchant City in Glasgow


Psychological thrillers, lie detectors and free milk!

Hooray – for some of us lucky ducks, this weekend is extended.  And where better to spend extra time than at the Tron Theatre’s  Mayfesto.

Taking place from the 1 – 20 May, this annual political festival of theatre explores identity and truth in all its forms.  I’m especially intrigued by award-winning director Kirsty Housley’s play Bandages.  It explores  the fantastical world created by two sisters attempting to protect themselves from the media’s depiction of horrific crimes in their local area.  It’s sure to be chilling and spine-tingling good.


As It Is by Vanishing Point is also on my to-see list.  It looks at  truth, imagination and memories – and throws in a lie detector for good measure.  It stirs up interesting pondering about truth and reality, though I have a feeling I’ll probably be left with more questions than answers.

thepriceofeverythingresizedforweb_trontheatre_website_picWhat’s the cost…

But if that all sounds too difficult to contemplate, then try The Price of Everything by Daniel Bye.

Through a bizarre collection of facts and impassioned arguments, this comedic but provocative performance asks questions to get you thinking about the value of beauty… along with what you might pay for an air guitar on eBay.   If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between the price of an object and its true value,  this is a must-see.  And apparently there’s free milk.  Bonus!

With tickets ranging from £2 -10, there’s something for every taste and pocketbook.  So go on.  Ask a few questions, possibly get a few answers and enjoy!


The art of the matter

It’s no secret that we love Glasgow.  A lot.

Glasgow street art - taxi cab with balloonsIt’s an eclectic treasure trove of discovery – one that never ceases to amaze and surprise.

Especially us.

But sometimes even we are at a loss for words to truly describe our appreciation for this ‘dear green place’.

So this week we’ll let some of Glasgow’s impressive street art do the talking.

Glasgow street art - girl with a magnifying glass

Artfully done…

If a picture’s worth a thousand words – these  would definitely include ones like inspiring, captivating, clever and even energising.

Next time you’re out,  go on play a game of I spy.  Keep your eyes open for the impressive street art transforming our city into a colourful collage of vibrant wonder.

Discover and enjoy!