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Christmas market merriment

It’s official – Christmas has come to Glasgow. Twinkling lights and reindeer grazing in shop windows are grand but the Christmas markets return to Argyle Street clearly announces the festive season. And I’m loving it.

Christmas market #iGlasgowArgyle is now filled with inviting huts and a mixture of alluring aromas.

Bratwursts, burgers and churros smothered in Nutella call my name.

My lunch break has become a glorious stroll through endless choices – curry, paella, Thai tasty treats and more.  And there’s no need to stress about gifts when I can pick-up handmade delights my friends and family will adore from the stalls. One for them…one for me.

Taking it all in is truly wonderful – folks bundled in coats and scarves enjoying the spectacle of it all. People watching at its best. Sigh – all is right with the world.

And after work who can resist the tempting allure of a mulled wine? Or perhaps I’ll treat myself to a little cup of warm joy with a Baileys vanilla latte. If only all life’s decisions were as delicious.

– B


The best sexy sandwich in town

When you discover something amazing, you should share it. This is especially true for good food.

Juice Garden in GlasgowThe Juice Garden on Renfield Street wins Glasgow’s best sandwich. Actually that’s not totally true because it’s not just one sandwich, it’s a wide variety of deliciousness.

Their awesome avocado, falafel-filled Moroccan magic and oh-mega tuna are all absolutely heavenly. And that’s just the beginning – there are loads of  other perfectly formed sandwiches to choose from. Even better, these tasty sensations are packed with nutritious goodness.

And as the name suggest, they also do an impressive selection of juices, shots and smoothie shakes. Today’s fav is the botanical boost juice – but sherbet lemonade and blue banana are also on my must try list.

Healthy is the new sexy

The Juice Garden says healthy is the new sexy and they’ve got the juice to prove it. From detoxifying to skin boosting or slimming down, their health and beauty drinks will have you looking and feeling fab. And if you need a little pick-up-up, try one of their juice shots.

It’s also a really lovely hang out – literally. Relax in their hanging circular chair or plunk down on the comfy flowerpot seats.

Don’t fret if you’re not in the city centre because these sexy sandwiches are also coming to the West End soon.

So go on, treat yourself to something scrumptiously good.


Silent Sunday – 26 October

What are you going to do with your extra hour today?

Delicious cakes of once upon a tart in Glasgow

Eat something delicious at Once Upon a Tart on King Street.

Silent Sunday – 12 October

Enjoy veggie and vegan delights under CCA’s mood enhancing lights.

CCA serves up veggie delights in Glasgow

Above and beyond burgers

Winter’s coming. Warm up with a bit of stodgy deliciousness I say – this season I’m shunning salads for comfort food.

Glasgow has the same ideas because in the last year burger joints offering scrumptious filling food have sprung up all over the city. But there’s one that warms my heart and totally satisfies my stomach like no other – Bread meats Bread on St Vincent Street.

More than burgers

Poutine at Breat Meats BreadAnd it’s not just their mouth-watering burgers that won me over. It’s more to do with Quebecois delicacy poutine, chips smothered in gravy and cheese curd. Yum!

I knew this luscious treat from my days in Quebec in Canada. And up until now, no one but the Québécois could do it right. But not only does BMB do it right – they possibly do it better. Their flawless original along with a Glasgow inspired variety or a sweet potatoes version, means I’m spoiled for choice.

Of course do try one of their impressive burgers. But make it extra extra special by adding poutine.

If you’ve never tried poutine, prepare for a tasty calorie-rich sensation. And don’t be alarmed – cheese curds don’t melt. They’re squishy flavourful morsels that make good chips great.


– T

Ice cream dreams

Too cold for ice cream you say. Never! Especially when it’s the absolutely delicious and delightful Crolla’s on Byres Road.

Crolla’s gelateria This West End gelateria is the stuff of childhood dreams – filled with the creamiest ice cream, chocolate galore and mountains of sweets.

Their DIY stone cold creations is a must – a colossal ice-cream sundae made just the way you want.

There are so many important decisions to make. Choose from an endless variety of ice-cream, toppings – caramel, nuts galore, chocolate, tablet and more. And top it all off with fresh fruit and the sauce of your choice.

I go for a classic vanilla with heaps of chocolate bits, crushed nuts and strawberries to keep it (ahem) healthy. It’s all combined in a beautiful mixture of edible perfection topped off in more chocolate. Of course.

The result – dessert heaven. YUM!

Glasgow is set to have a last blast of heat before heading into autumn. Stay cool with Crolla’s tasty cool creations.

– T

Quench that thirst at Drygate

Hooray for sunshine in Glasgow! Beautiful blue skies are here – so get out in it. But where? At  Drygate – Glasgow’s newest craft brewery.

Haven’t heard of it? Gasp! Crawl from underneath that rock immediately and come into the light. Literally. It has a brilliant outdoor area that offers up good times – and as of late, glorious sun.

But this cool East End hangout isn’t just a pretty space, it also serves up scrumptious food and an impressive selection of spirits and beers, including their own brew.  The staff are super friendly and it’s also dog friendly so bring along your hairy friend. As well as the two-legged bearded one –  lots of beards on show too.

But enough talk. Sometimes pictures say it best. And so, we give you Drygate:

Drygate - East End Brewer and eatery in GlasgowIt’s calling to you.  It’s saying come, drink, eat and enjoy yourself inside + out.

Drygate - beer of all sizes.Sample beers of every size and variety – including Apple.  Yum!

Drygate - damn good fish and chipsExperience fish and chip joy.  Even the mushy peas are extra special.

Drygate - it looks cool.Hang out in their cool surroundings – notice something different every time.

It has donughts!Oh yeah – they’ve got doughnuts!  And you dip them  in chocolate.  Whoa!

The sun is out! It’s hot. You need a drink. Satisfy your thirst in sensational surroundings at Drygate.  And do try the delish doughnuts – dessert heaven.

– T

Silent Sunday – 8 June

It’s calling.  You should answer.  You won’t be disappointed. 

Drygate bar/brewery in Glasgow



World street food on your doorstep

I’m feeling very satisfied because I had the tastiest lunch ever. The fact I managed to have it during my work day is an added bonus.

Habibi Kitchen #inGlasgowIn the Briggait we were lucky enough to be visited by the Habibi Kitchen yesterday.

It’s a middle-eastern and world-food pop up stall. Inspired by a love of travel, good food  and interest in what people think about certain dishes, they embarked on their culinary adventure.

Simple but good food

The menu is simple but delicious: fresh salads, tabouleh, chilli and coriander sauce, homemade hummus, pickled turnips and sesame covered falafels cooked right there in front of you.  It’s all crammed into Moroccan pitta bread in a topsy-turvy creation of exploding flavours. And all for £4.50.

If you’re not at the Briggait, don’t worry. Habibi Kitchen moves around Glasgow. So keep your eyes peeled. Or better yet, follow your nose because you’ll probably encounter the tempting aroma before you see it.

Habibi Kitchen coming to you

You can also catch them at their fortnightly stall at Mansfield Park Farmer’s Market in Partick, the next one is this Saturday 31 June from 10am-2pm and this Sunday they will be at the Gibson Street Gala.

So if you’re looking for wonderful world-food that manages to be both delicious and healthy, Habibi is for you.

– B

Eat your words at Blue Door Cafe

So you didn’t get tickets to Prince. Don’t fret; you can still eat breakfast with Shaft and Stevie Wonder if you head to the Blue Chair café. And that’s exactly what I do.

Quirky cool for the culinary explorer

This wee blue gem is a must. Bursting with quirky cool, it’s the perfect place to unleash your inner creativity, culinary explorer and cake-lover.

We’re treated to a delicious hearty breakfast, delightfully attentive staff and a wonderful selection of sound, including Shaft and Stevie warming up the room with their silky tones.  Folk and rock also feature – so something for every ear.

Omelette heaven at Blue Chair cafe in GlasgowTheir eclectic menu  offers something for everyone – and their DIY omelette is an absolute must. Try the mixed herb, cheddar and onion for  breakfast heaven.

And if you’re lucky enough to get the first slice of cake from the lot, you get it half price. They also do lunch and dinner – so we’ll definitely be back for more.

Eat your words

Poetry bubble wall at Blue Chair Cafe in GlasgowAnd Blue Chair loves an artist.  In fact their café is gallery of art, poetry and instruments. So go on, submit your best words to their poetry box for a chance to feature on their bubble wall.

If you’re poem makes it, you get dinner for two. Excellent!

Their evolving evening menu coupled with BYOB and the possibility of being treated to a performance makes it irresistible.

Or if you’d rather listen, then why not enjoy their spoken word night happening the last Friday of every month from 7pm. Storytellers, poets and songwriters all welcome.

Whether you missed out on the Purple Rain or are feeling Let’s Go Crazy elated after the show, Blue Door is the perfect place to commiserate and celebrate. So go enjoy their simple but sensational food for the body, mind and soul.

– T