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Fond farewell Glasgow

Hello gorgeous GlasgowIt’s hard to believe that we’ve been at this for nearly four years. And oh Glasgow, what a delightful time we’ve had.

Yes, this is our final blog post. But before we say goodbye, let’s reflect on some of the many moments.

From our early days of rocking the roller derby to bliss-filled nights at the Barrowland and taking in the city’s eclectic mix of year-round festivals, we’ve savoured all Glasgow has to offer.  It’s been particularly delicious.

Strutting, stretching and feeling fab

Gaining a sound body and mind at Infinity Yoga, learning to strut our sassy stuff at the GSA fashion show and discovering Glasgow’s rich musical heart and soul with Walking Heads are just some of our stand-out memories.

In sunshine and in rain, we’ve had a ball – ok, particularly during those warmer days. And the many characters we met along the way made it all the more merry and memorable.

Never forget 2014

2014 has been particularly eventful for Glasgow. In June, the city welcomed the world with warm smiles and sizzling temps for the Commonwealth Games. And even during darker times like the tragic George Square accident – Glasgow stands united in compassion and support, showing its very best.

What’s next?

So what next? Well, we can only imagine bigger, better and brighter things for Glasgow. Especially if endless enticing events, new tasty eateries and craft-beer have anything to do with it.

As for us, although this is our final post for About a City Glasgow, we hope the blog still serves as a reference point and brightly shines the spotlight on the many amazing things to do, see and experience in this Dear Green Place.

A BIG thanks to all our lovely readers for the many suggestions, sharing in the fun and your support. We hope you continue to spread the word about this great city.

Until we meet again, Glasgow you have our heart. Cheers to you.

With love,

T and B

Silent Sunday – 1 June

Rain or shine – doesn’t matter #inGlasgow

Hello gorgeous Glasgow