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Psychological thrillers, lie detectors and free milk!

Hooray – for some of us lucky ducks, this weekend is extended.  And where better to spend extra time than at the Tron Theatre’s  Mayfesto.

Taking place from the 1 – 20 May, this annual political festival of theatre explores identity and truth in all its forms.  I’m especially intrigued by award-winning director Kirsty Housley’s play Bandages.  It explores  the fantastical world created by two sisters attempting to protect themselves from the media’s depiction of horrific crimes in their local area.  It’s sure to be chilling and spine-tingling good.


As It Is by Vanishing Point is also on my to-see list.  It looks at  truth, imagination and memories – and throws in a lie detector for good measure.  It stirs up interesting pondering about truth and reality, though I have a feeling I’ll probably be left with more questions than answers.

thepriceofeverythingresizedforweb_trontheatre_website_picWhat’s the cost…

But if that all sounds too difficult to contemplate, then try The Price of Everything by Daniel Bye.

Through a bizarre collection of facts and impassioned arguments, this comedic but provocative performance asks questions to get you thinking about the value of beauty… along with what you might pay for an air guitar on eBay.   If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between the price of an object and its true value,  this is a must-see.  And apparently there’s free milk.  Bonus!

With tickets ranging from £2 -10, there’s something for every taste and pocketbook.  So go on.  Ask a few questions, possibly get a few answers and enjoy!


Oh yes I did… love Christmas shows galore

Joy of joys!  It’s Christmas in Glasgow – meaning not one but three rave-reviewed Christmas shows to explore.

Aganeza Scrooge c. Tron TheatreFor panto fans, the Tron Theatre’s Aganeza Scrooge, created, staring and directed by panto-pro Johnny McKnight, is a must.  In this ‘bittersweet social commentary and pugnacious panto’ Ebenezer Scrooge is transformed into Aganeza Scrooge, complete with spangled leotard. Wowzers.

Sleeping sensation

The Citizen’s fresh perspective on Sleeping Beauty reveals what happened after Beauty is kissed by the prince. Fantastically fun Tim Burton meets Shrek music compliments this re-energised classic perfectly.

Delightful disco duckling

And although the Arches’ the Ugly Duckling is aimed at four-year-olds and up,  (big and little) kids and adults alike are in for a treat.  With a barnyard full of pregnant animals and a liberating soundtrack from the disco fever of the 1980s, I was smiling for the majority of the show.  Young, old or anyone in between will clap along.  It’s nearly impossible not to.

Tis’ the season to indulge so treat yourself to a show or three and feel merry all over.

– B