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Oh yes I did… love Christmas shows galore

Joy of joys!  It’s Christmas in Glasgow – meaning not one but three rave-reviewed Christmas shows to explore.

Aganeza Scrooge c. Tron TheatreFor panto fans, the Tron Theatre’s Aganeza Scrooge, created, staring and directed by panto-pro Johnny McKnight, is a must.  In this ‘bittersweet social commentary and pugnacious panto’ Ebenezer Scrooge is transformed into Aganeza Scrooge, complete with spangled leotard. Wowzers.

Sleeping sensation

The Citizen’s fresh perspective on Sleeping Beauty reveals what happened after Beauty is kissed by the prince. Fantastically fun Tim Burton meets Shrek music compliments this re-energised classic perfectly.

Delightful disco duckling

And although the Arches’ the Ugly Duckling is aimed at four-year-olds and up,  (big and little) kids and adults alike are in for a treat.  With a barnyard full of pregnant animals and a liberating soundtrack from the disco fever of the 1980s, I was smiling for the majority of the show.  Young, old or anyone in between will clap along.  It’s nearly impossible not to.

Tis’ the season to indulge so treat yourself to a show or three and feel merry all over.

– B

Just the ticket to break up mid-week mundane

The Citizen Theatre, GlasgowA mid-week trip to the theatre is the perfect way to shake off the return of rain and kick-start the weekend.

So I head to the Citizen’s theatre  in the Gorbals for a Samuel Beckett double bill.

Wonder awaits you inside

The outside of the building looks pretty functional but the foyer is a wonderful kitsch combination of life size elephants and bards. Shakespeare and Burns never looked better off set by shocking pink walls.

Elephant awaits you at The Citz, GlasgowThe grand Victorian auditorium  is  a wonderful contrast; step back in time to an impressive surroundings offering up balconies and private boxes at the side of the stage adorned in magnificent golds and red.

And don’t forget to look way up to admire the elevated domed ceiling.  Despite its magnitude– the Citz still manages to be an intimate welcoming space rather than vast and overpowering.

On with the show

It’s one of those amazing venues that naturally exudes energy and excitement. I’m in my seat still trying to take it all in when the curtains open to reveal a very simple set.   A lone man sits on his 69th birthday contemplating a recording he made about his life when he was 39.

And even though I am totally absorbed in the performance – I can’t help but realise that this man and I are caught in parallel activities. I listen to him review a recording of his life as I am set to review a part of my life that he is now part of.   In 30 years will I reflect on this blog, remembering this moment?  Possibly.  And just what will I think of my younger self?

Theatre with charm

As the second oldest operational theatre in the UK, with an electric programme of events, classes and workshops, the Citz is a must see.  Go for the experience but remember to appreciate the magical surroundings – because these walls talk so listen.

– B