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Nankusa – not just another Saturday night on Sauchiehall

441 Sauciehall Street is a long way down from Queen Street Station – at least for my friend from Stirling.  And as we walk further into the unknown I can tell she’s getting a little worried.  Just where am I taking us anyhow?  And then we spot Nankusa  and all is right with the world.

We escape the gritty street to an oasis of sleek wood panel walls, beautiful surroundings and warm welcoming lighting.

A menu of unending choice

Nankusa Sushi, GlasgowThis Japanese restaurant has a menu to lose yourself in – noodles, soup, sushi and exotic specialities.  The staff are lovely and knowledgeable.   Admittedly even with all the choice I initially opt for very safe and similar sushi dishes – with a gentle smile the waiter suggests a more adventurous choice.  And I’m glad he does.

We order an assortment of starters and relax in our soothing surroundings – a million miles from the chaos of Sauchiehall Street on a Saturday night.

Beautiful food – bursting with flavour

Every dish bursting with flavour at Nankusa, GlasgowThe beautifully presented food arrives and it tastes equally delicious.  The vegetarian spring rolls are crisp and dry; there’s no greasy aftertaste, the flawless endame beans are salty and moreish and the scrumptious fishcakes are quite frankly like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. But all of this is a mere wake up for our taste buds in anticipation for the main dishes.

I pop the perfectly sized Maki Mono Sushi into my mouth and I’m instantly treated to an explosion of flavour perfectly combining succulent fish, rice, seaweed and wasabi spice.  The more I eat the more intense the flavour, filling ever sense.  Simply exquisite.

My friend opts for the Ebi Chilli Noodles – which she claims is a clear winner.    Of course the only way to truly determine the champion dish is to return to sample more delectable delicacies – which is exactly what we promise to do. And at around £8 for a main dish and starters at £3.50, this won’t break the bank.

Detox never tasted so delicious

Nankusa is the name for the seven edible wild herbs of spring and ancient beliefs allege that they remove evil from the body and prevent illness.  I don’t know whether this is true, but with a stomach full of yummy food I’m ready to believe.

– B