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Christmas is in the bag

The quest for my mother’s Christmas present continues so I head out again to visit some old favourites that I’m sure will deliver.

Bags galore at Elis Handmade Gift ShopI’m walking down Creswell Lane towards Nancy Smilie when I’m lured into De Courcy’s Arcade by a glimpse of something at Elis Handmade Craft and Gift shop.

Beautiful bags galore

This isn’t a gift shop but charming homage to the perfect bag.  Admittedly I wouldn’t know a Burberry from a Bulgari – I have no interest in designer.  But I can fully appreciate beautiful hand-crafted carriers that cause me to coo, touch and believe that it can quite literally hold the key to my happiness…or at the very least my home.

Laptop bags, cushions and jewelleryAnd Elis doesn’t just have the bag of all – it has a slew of unbelievably ideal bags all calling my name.

A personal favourite is a brown suede number with leather flowers called Bella’s Bag. Although Adeline’s white bag is so soft to touch it’s almost impossible to resist.  Laptop bags, homemade cushions and jewellery also call out to me.

I circle the shop imagining the different bags and perfect occasions they could celebrate – except for one… my mother’s gift has been replaced with working out how to get my husband in here before Christmas.

Do touch

So, if you are still looking for one of the most important Christmas present of all – yours,   get yourself (or your significant other) to Elis Handmade shop.  Also available online  but the pictures don’t do the bags justice because these beauties need to be touched to be fully appreciated.

– B