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Glasgow Girls – unmissable and inspirational

Glasgow Girls photo c. citizens theatreThe crowd is buzzing with excitement in the jam-packed foyer of the Citizens Theatre.  We’re all eagerly waiting to see the Glasgow Girls, a new musical by award-winning director Cora Bissett.

And just who are these Glasgow Girls?

Seven inspirational teen activists from Drumchapel High School who in 2005 fervently campaigned against the dawn raids wrenching asylum-seeking families out of their homes into a detention centre to be deported.

But what drives a bunch of teen girls to hound politicians, take on the authorities like the Home Office and even challenge the Scottish Government?  Friendship.  Their friend Agnesa, originally from Kosovo, was one of the children facing deportation with her family.

Stand up for what’s right – spirit of Glasgow

It’s hard to imagine taking a hard-hitting issue like asylum and putting it into song but it’s pure (dead brilliant) gallus Glasgow.

And as I watch this sometimes harrowing, often inspiring story unfold, I see a microcosm of what makes Glasgow so special.  Not a shiny, glossy version but a gritty real representation of the spirit of Glasgow – a community galvanised into action to do right and protect its own, regardless of where people come from.

As I leave the show, swelling with pride, the anthem We are the Glasgow Girls fills my head.  Who wouldn’t want to be a Glasgow Girl?  Fighting for what you believe in and  driven to change people’s minds to make the world a better place.

‘We are all Glasgow Girls’

So go on, find out what the Glasgow Girls are about.  And you will probably discover that regardless of your age or gender, you are indeed a Glasgow Girl.  The show is on at the Citz until 17 November – but don’t delay, snap up your tickets, be inspired and have a fantastically good time.



Magical Musical Mondays at Bloc

Blochestra at Bar Bloc in GlasgowIf you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to sit among Arcade Fire as they jam in their living room or questioned whether you could ever truly appreciate a banjo, you need to get yourself to Bloc to witness the wonder that is the Blochestra.

Every Monday something completely magical happens when a collection of musicians of all skills and all instruments unite to create the most wonderful fusion of sound.  Quite literally right in the middle of the bar.

Ukes, flutes, a banjo – oh my

It’s completely laid back where a keyboard and ukuleles are nestled comfortably between pizza, gin and beer.

The variety of instruments and singers is impressive.  Of course there’s the usual suspects like guitars,  drums – and an extensive brass and woodwind section that includes flutes, a trombone and sax, to name only a few.  Then there’s the more unexpected like a xylophone, a recorder and yes, even a mighty banjo – which incidentally sounds absolutely brilliant in their rendition of Feist’s 1234.

And just when you thought they couldn’t possibly fit another person or instrument, in walks a double bass.

Old favs and charming new discoveries

It’s an eclectic mix of well-loved tunes like the Cure’s Close to Me and lesser known but equally as mesmerising songs like Chicago by Sufjan Stevens – admittedly a new discovery for me.  Just how did I ever survive without this song in my life?

It’s an energising, inspiring experience.  And it’s completely free and completely open to anyone to bring along there instrument of choice and join in.   Or, like me, sit in the midst of it all silently but happily absorbing it all.

But enough of me waxing lyrical – I’ll simply let the music speak for itself.

– T

Silent Sunday – 4 October

Glasgow institution and East End shopping adventure…

The Barras outdoor shopping market in Glasgow

Silent Sunday – 21 October

Quite possibly the best music venue

Barrowland, Glasgow

…so follow’em: @Thebarrowlands

21 years on, the Arches have still got it

Turning 21 is to be celebrated – especially when you’ve been entertaining the masses for over the last two decades.  An excellent host,  21 years on the Arches continues to throw the most fabulous, unmissable events month-after-month.

If you haven’t enjoyed any of their festivities, where have you been?  Thankfully, it’s not too late to crawl from under that rock and discover the many wonderful revelries on offer.

Whether it’s enthralling club nights and gigs, exhibitions or performances of every variety, it’s all waiting for you.  And if you dare to get involved, you can channel your inner artist and  try out a new idea in front of an audience at an upcoming scratch night  or take your chances at the interactive Alien Wars.  Not for the faint of heart; you have been warned.

Arches Live – so much to experience

From 18 – 29 September Arches Live will be showcasing innovative and intriguing new work by Scotland’s emerging artists. This year’s festival is bigger, better and bolder – and not to be missed.  With over 30 performances to choose from in a two-week span, there’s something for everyone, myself included.

There’s so much to choose from but the shows that have sparked my curiosity include:

Arches Live, God loves a trier, Victoria BianchiVictoria Bianchi’s God Loves A Trier,  exploring our ability (or lack of)  to see things through to the end; Fire Into Song,  featuring the talents of Cara Berger, Victoria Beesley and Vanessa Coffey that introduces a female Prometheus and promises to be different each night – and the voyeuristic Minotaur/Monitor . Calum MacAskill’s short, thought provoking experience gives insight into the life of the half human, half bull. ‘Live feed’ begins at 6pm.

If you’re taking in a few shows, you may want to consider getting a festival pass (£32/26) or a day pass (£18/12).

So go on discover, dance and be merry.

– T

A drink to abide by

Calling all dudes, mistaken millionaires and bowling legends – get yourself to Lebowskis.

The White Russian drinks menu, GlasgowThis cosy pub in Finnieston has the biggest selection of White Russian cocktails in the city with about 20 different variations of the milky alcohol- infused drink.

And with cult movie names like The Gutter Ball, The Toe, The Nihilist and my favourite
The Da Fino (a perfect fusion of coffee, cinnamon and vanilla) – how can we resist this rich and satisfying treat?  We don’t.  We abide.

Every taste and then some

White Russian Cocktails, Lebowskis  Bar GlasgowThere’s something for every taste, whether you’re more of a traditionalist sticking to your basic vodka, coffee liqueur and light cream variety or the more adventuresome who takes  The Dude’s favourite drink with a twist of mint, espresso, whiskey or even (gasp) Buckfast!

Not just a pretty caucasian

But Lebowski’s isn’t just a nod to film about a charismatic slacker or creamy tasting ‘caucasians’ – in fact the food is equally as fantastic and the friendly staff are top notch with not a single dressing gown in sight.

So what are you waiting for?  Whether you’ve seen the film or not, go on – abide and try out the perfect White Russian made in a variety of enticing and imaginative ways.

– T

Silent Sunday – 29 July

Merchant City Festival awaits you…

The Big Man arrives on Ingram Street…

Big Man Walking on Ingram Street, Glasgow…and he brought some colourful friends.

Brazilian parade - Merchant City Festival Markets galore

Markets at Merchant City Festival Interesting quacking characters….

Quacking bankers - Merchant City Festival…and more dancing in the streets

Dancing Fish - Merchant City Festival 2012Enjoy!