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It’s behind you

Ho, ho, ho.   I cannot resist the Christmas pantos – a fabulous festive Glasgow tradition.  Every theatre from the smallest to the large offers something whether you’re 3 or 93.

A new take on Cinderella from the ugly step-sisters’ viewpoint is sure to delight. The Uglies, written and featuring the excellent Davey Anderson, is at Oran Mor  from 2-21 December.

Slapstick, songs and an elf

The Night Before Xma photo c The ArchesThe Citizen’s  brand new show Bauble Trouble is packed full of laughs, slapstick and songs when Dad tries to get the tree up before Santa arrives.

And when Christmas loathing Carol finds a lost elf under her bed looking for Santa, side-splitting antics begin.  Don’t miss the mesmorising The Night Before Christmas at the Arches  from 4 December to 5 January.

Sweet smelling panto

The Tron’s  Peter Panto and the Incredible Stinkerbell features a comedic love triangle or check out the Citizens’ recreated Jungle Book with favourites Mowgli and Baloo.  Both are for ages 6 and up.

With all this choice there is no excuse not to indulge – it’s behind you, in front of you and all around you. But book soon because shows are selling out.  Oh no they’re not…oh yes they are.  So don’t delay.


Silent Sunday – 17 November

Barrowlands – our favourite. And apparently Arcade Fire’s too!

Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow

Silent Sunday – 12 May

Nothing looks as sweet as the finish line! 

Finish line - women's 10K in Glasgow

Well done to all those fab women who ran the 10K in Glasgow this morning.  Champions! #glasgowwomens10K



Psychological thrillers, lie detectors and free milk!

Hooray – for some of us lucky ducks, this weekend is extended.  And where better to spend extra time than at the Tron Theatre’s  Mayfesto.

Taking place from the 1 – 20 May, this annual political festival of theatre explores identity and truth in all its forms.  I’m especially intrigued by award-winning director Kirsty Housley’s play Bandages.  It explores  the fantastical world created by two sisters attempting to protect themselves from the media’s depiction of horrific crimes in their local area.  It’s sure to be chilling and spine-tingling good.


As It Is by Vanishing Point is also on my to-see list.  It looks at  truth, imagination and memories – and throws in a lie detector for good measure.  It stirs up interesting pondering about truth and reality, though I have a feeling I’ll probably be left with more questions than answers.

thepriceofeverythingresizedforweb_trontheatre_website_picWhat’s the cost…

But if that all sounds too difficult to contemplate, then try The Price of Everything by Daniel Bye.

Through a bizarre collection of facts and impassioned arguments, this comedic but provocative performance asks questions to get you thinking about the value of beauty… along with what you might pay for an air guitar on eBay.   If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between the price of an object and its true value,  this is a must-see.  And apparently there’s free milk.  Bonus!

With tickets ranging from £2 -10, there’s something for every taste and pocketbook.  So go on.  Ask a few questions, possibly get a few answers and enjoy!


GSA exhibits at the Glue Factory stick in the mind

Glasgow School of Art third years have taken over the Glue Factory for their annual Fine Art Photography exhibition.

GSA exhibit at the Glue FactoryThis relatively new space at Speirs Lock is deceptively large with rooms off rooms, walls in unexpected places and tantalising doors round every corner. Perfect really.

The living installations that welcomes us offers hugs to all as we enter,  though only some accept the gentle gesture.  Beyond their embrace is a range of exhibits including video installations of hearts being sewn up and people eating their favourite foods, though not together – thankfully.

The variety of photos and prints include an eclectic range from a man standing on water to a stark and honest depiction of someone’s stay in hospital.  There’s even a screening room with a selection of short films and a makeshift auditorium.

See, experience and enjoy

For me the highlights include a compelling video installation, Look by Pavel Dousěk.  The simplicity of a guy initially sideways then turning to look directly at me – intensely – as if he truly sees me, well it sends shivers up my spine.  I can’t help but watch him in the video again and again – and still believe that in some way he actually sees me.  Haunting.

To restore my sense of peace I turn to Hannah Blackwell’s 124 – a large square print cut into literally 10,000 tiny squares then intricately reassembled on the wall, maintaining the overall image.  It’s easy to get lost in the gaps between the tiny squares and look for the image – it almost seems to move.

Bring out your inner artist

Frank McElhinney’s interactive Safe Passage GSoABut my favourite exhibition is Frank McElhinney’s interactive Safe Passage.  Initially I’m greeted by a wall of hand-drawn medieval ships representing the thousands of people who died at Bannockburn. I’m then invited to draw my own ship using coloured ink and rollers laid out by the artist.  Once I complete my drawing, I exchange it for a ship from the wall and my picture replaces it, actually becoming part of the exhibition.

An ever evolving selection of ships, change from moment-to-moment as people take existing prints and add their own.  And although my mighty ship remains on the wall throughout the exhibition and my friend’s disappears after only minutes – I’m not letting that dampen my spirit.  Because not only did I visit an exhibition, I became part of one.

See the extraordinary talent on offer – it’s free and fantastic but fleeting – only on till 2 May.


You can’t go wrong at Aye Write

Hooray! Today Aye Write  kicks off until Saturday 20 April. There’s so much choice that I hardly know where to start. Where else can you go from ballet shows to disco moves while tackling sacred subjects like football and whisky?

Ballet dreams and bedsits

Tracey Thorn Bedsit Disco Queen at Aye Write 2013Darcy Bussell the epitome of my girlhood ballerina dream  lets you peer into classic performances of Swan Lake and  The Nutcracker Suite,  while one half of Everything but the Girl – Tracey Thorn –   reveals memories of dodgy bedsits and her pop career in Bedsit Disco Queen.  And I can’t wait to reunite with the disco queen whose music saw me through my teen years.

And there’s a serious side to the festival too with Amnesty International hosting an Aye Write author’s event, reminding us of the writers who are not free to express their ideas and opinions.  Come along, hear the words of people who are at the forefront of action for human rights and explore the issues of freedom of expression.

Something for the fam

Not just readings and talks, Aye Writer also offers up  lots of performance events for both kids and adults.   For instance, you can check out award-winning novelist and stage performer Alan Bissett as he delves into the world of storytelling with a high energy form of ‘stand-up literature’.

Get involved

And if you want to unleash your creativity, join one of the spectacular creative writing workshops on offer.

Events range from free to £12 – so not to be missed!  So go on, explore talks and readings with great Scottish authors like Denise Mina, Jackie Kay, Alasdair Gray, Louise Welch-  to name only  a few. But quick it’s selling out fast.

– B

Behaviour on show

Behaviour  Festival in Glasgow 3 April - 11 May 2013 c Arches picHooray the Arches’ Behaviour Festival  is finally here, kicking off over a month of live performances in Glasgow from 3 April  to 11 May.  And it’s certainly not short on choice – the weird, the wonderful, the must-watch are all on offer.

We’re debating about what to go and see.  The work of international artists alongside home-grown Scottish talent like Gary McNair, Kieran Hurley and Nic Green is all very tempting and with ticket prices ranging from £5 to £12, very doable.

Stand up, rant and reveal intimate secrets

For me Behaviour is a particularly appealing because it’s actually all about us – how we act and react when we’re faced with the specific circumstances of a performance.   Will you squirm in your seat, laugh uncontrollably or even be daring enough to try your hand at comedy at Gary’s Chuckle Hat pop-up comedy club?

I want to see Kieran Hurley’s RANTIN – part of the Auteur’s project –  part living room gathering, part gig, part play, with live music, storytelling with a slew of intriguing (and possibly dangerous) characters.  How can I resist?

T has fallen under the spell of Mammalian Diving Reflex – All the sex I’ve ever had.  And admittedly I can see why.  A total twist on that taboo topic but rather than your typical youth-fuelled take, you’re hearing from senior citizens from Glasgow sharing the evolution of their sexuality over the course of their lives.  Intriguing, possibly uncomfortable and I’m betting endearing.

See it all

Maybe the best way to solve our debate is to simply see it all – the Behaviour Festival pass is a great deal at £45/£35, considering we’ll have our choice of incredible and diverse shows daily from now until 11 May.  And that can only improve our behaviour!


– B

Find out what lies beneath

I pop into Trongate 103 during my lunch break for some cultural sustenance and discover Blueprint 2013.  The exhibition makes links between the alternative photographic processes and fine art photographic printmaking.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on  but I explore anyhow, freely roaming from the foyer into the Glasgow Print Studio  (top floor) and on to Streetlevel Photoworks.

Blueprint at Trongate 103 in GlasgowIt feels quite luxurious being able to journey from one place to the next, discovering different layers of Blueprint’s seven different exhibitions.

There are technical drawings giving insight into how photos and prints are constructed, traditional blueprints revealing the inner workings of everything from locomotives to dressmaker dummies – and other images that deconstruct nature, people and objects.

Not so ordinary

Colin Gray’s scanned images are definitely my favourite.  His images delve beneath the surface of- in some cases – some pretty ordinary objects that are transformed through this new view.

Alexander Hamilton’s camera-less photography is also pretty fab, taking inspiration from the natural world – plants meet sunlight.  True to name, I was totally absorbed in his ‘contemplative work of art’.

Blueprint reaches out beyond Trongate 103 to lectures, demos and exhibitions also happening at locations across Glasgow like the Glasgow Museum Resource Centre, Riverside Museum and the Hidden Lane Gallery.

It’s only on till the end of February – so be quick and enjoy this captivating experience for yourself.


Biking never tasted so good

Admittedly I have absolutely no idea what to expect from Vietnamese food – but I do know one thing.  The Hanoi Bike Shop  is serving up some of the tastiest, flavourful food in Glasgow.  Created by food-loving travellers, it’s simply brilliant.

‘Street food’ served with a smile

Vietnamese inspired ‘street food’  in GlasgowThis Vietnamese inspired ‘street food’ is absolutely delicious – even better, it’s served by some of the friendliest staff in the city.

Recommending one dish over another is nearly impossible – but the Sa Dau Phu Rau Tron (lemongrass marinated bike shop tofu), Ari Rich Coconut, Lemongrass and Lime Leaf Curry and Cha Ca Turmeric Marinated Coley (served with dill & crushed peanuts) are so fantastic, it’s wrong not to try them.   In fact, I’m convinced they’ll make you a better person.

Star light, star bike

Hanoi Bike Shop in GlasgowIf you haven’t been yet, why?  Because it’s an absolute must.

A charming interior is just another added bonus – downstairs is a cosy wee snug and upstairs is a magical paradise of colourful lanterns and bikes.

If the Hanoi Bike Shop is anything at all like Vietnam, then both my tastebuds and curiosity are intrigued.

Happy Tet

And if your New Year lacked that spectacular something, then celebrate Tet (Vietnamese New Year) with mouth-watering food at Hanoi on Sunday 10 February.


– T

Eccentrics, intellects and jokers united at the pub quiz

Tuesday Pub Quiz at Admiral Bar in GlasgowIs your head filled with arbitrary facts?  Do you, for instance, know what side Gorbachev’s birthmark is on?  Or if ABC ever actually had a UK number 1?  Or what part of the body reflexology is performed on?

Yes! Then get yourself to one of the many pub quizzes happening across Glasgow for try at cash, free drink, good fun and, in the case of the Admiral Bar, lighted-hearted ‘abuse’ lovingly doled out by quiz master Dave.

At the Admiral if you know any good jokes – bonus, quite literally, or at least a free round of drinks.  Sadly and surprisingly our ‘Why did the monkey fall out of the tree…because it was dead’ gag didn’t win us anything but a few groans.  Can’t please all humours.

The Ace of Spades?

Good with celebrity faces?  Even better.  And although I couldn’t pick out Lemmy from Motorhead, I made up for my lack of rock-god knowledge by identifying Ricky Martin and a totally reinvented Miley Cyrus.

Yes, admittedly a pub quiz can be a wake-up call to add more culture into your life, read more and watch less crap TV.  But it’s also a good, inexpensive night out (1/2 price pizzas at the Admiral) – that unites diverse minds and cultivates a team where feminism, pop-culture, geography, homeopathy and so much more can exist together harmoniously.

The Tuesday Admiral pub quiz offers a £50 bar tab to the winning team and an impressive £350 cash prize for any masterminds who manage a perfect score.  And there’s £1000 up for grabs on the 18 December – so sign up your team now.

Something for every taste

If you’re looking for something a little more (ahem) highbrow, Babity Bowster’s monthly quiz is said to give even the savviest know-it-all a run for their knowledge.   Black Sparrow’s Thursday night quiz offers a £50 voucher that can be used for food or drink at the bar.  A case of beer is up for grabs at Sloan’s Thursday night ‘bad boy’ quiz  and even if you don’t win at West Brewery’s quiz, you’re in cosy surroundings with top quality beer.

So go on, the choices are endless.  Put that knowledge to the test.