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Enjoy culinary creativity at the City Merchant

I’ve passed this pleasant looking Candleriggs eatery thousand of times. So I decide it’s time to stop looking and start experiencing all the City Merchant has to offer.

Like home – but taste better

Cosy surroundings and tartan decor (including the wallpaper) instantly make us feel welcomed. It’s kind of like going to your favourite auntie’s house – you know the one that’s the captivating story teller, wooden finish fanatic and an absolute goddess in the kitchen.

Hake and capers with beetroot cannelloni #InGlasgowThe selection of meat and fish is impressive – none of us can resist the slightly unusual but very scrumptious sounding hake and capers combo with beetroot cannelloni.

It does not disappoint. Bursting with flavour and colour, it’s the perfect combination of savoury with a sweet, sharp undertone. Melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

Irresistible coffee chocolate cake glory

Heavenly coffee and chocolate cake at City Merchant in GlasgowAnd although I’m technically full, I cannot say no to the coffee and chocolate cake combo – the perfect after dinner pick-me-up. To my absolute delight it is more like a creamy coffee and coco infused cheesecake. Smooth and absolutely sensational.

But if sweet treats aren’t your thing, the selection of Scottish and British Isle cheeses are equally appetising.

Besides attentive staff and delicious food, the City Merchant offers a totally relaxed ambiance. We happily spend the evening laughing (loudly), eating and drinking – feeling uninhibited and totally satisfied.  Three courses, several drinks and coffee come in at a very reasonable £28 each for our table of four, including tip.

So, if like me you’ve walked past this Merchant City, stop. Go inside and treat your tastebuds to a sensational mash-up of adventurous culinary creations. You won’t be disappointed.

– T

The Kitchen is calling – but you don’t have to cook

Don’t think that Mother Nature got the first day of spring memo this week.  It’s cold – too cold for cooking in my own kitchen.  And so we head to another.

The Italian Kitchen’s welcoming space is just what we need.  It instantly warms the soul and treats our senses to the most delicious of smells and lovely looking food.  And there’s choice galore.

We start with their mozzarella, basil and tomato salad perfectly complimented by freshly baked focaccia.  It just may be the best in town, sprinkled with fresh rosemary and infused with flavour,  it literally melts in the mouth.

Italian kitchen's mushroom Tagliatelle If you can manage to resist the impressive and appetising selection of pizza, their creamy dreamy tagliatelle with pan-fried mushrooms in garlic, sage and parmesan is absolutely amazing.

Happily stuffed, we give dessert a miss but  cappuccino and a baileys coffee is the perfect end to a spectacular meal.

But what’s good food without exceptional service?  Nothing.  But that’s not a concern here.  Our lovely server is attentive, knowledgeable and totally accommodating.  Our glasses are always full and our food is absolutely perfect.

Looking around the packed restaurant, it’s clear we’re not the only ones that know about this culinary gem.  So do make a reservation to avoid disappointment.

While I’m hopeful that spring will make an appearance in Glasgow soon – having comforting scrumptious food helps to brighten the dark cold days.

– T

Silent Sunday – 16 March

Enjoy veggie delights at the delish 13th Note

13th Note bar in Glasgow


Here’s to the Bard

Scottish poet Robert BurnsIt’s time to shake off those January blues.  And what better way to do it than by celebrating Rabbie Burn’s birthday.

How you do it is completely up to you but with the selection of Burn’s night fayre on offer, your choices are endless.

A global connection

Go large and eclectic at Celtic Connections. Enjoy a global experience at the International Burns Concert at the SSE Hydro.  South African vocal trio the Mahotella Queens,  Greek-Cypriot balladeer Alkinoos Ioannidis with Karine Polwart and Scotland’s Salsa Celtica will all be commemorating the Bard with their diverse sounds.

Traditional treats

If you’re looking for a more traditional Burn’s night then Rab Ha’s is the answer.  Tartan wallpaper and Rabbie’s picture await you.  Locally sourced ingredients, Scottish spirit – liquid and otherwise – make it the perfect place to honour the poet.

Dancing feet don’t need to look any further than Cottier’s Burns night on Saturday 25 January.  Enjoy the delicious three-course meal, complete with toasts, bagpipes and poetry before the Ceilidh kicks off at 9pm.

Foodie fun

For an indulgent combination of dancing, food, music and poetry try Ubiquitous Chip on Sunday 26 January. Enjoy a delectable four-course meal, with obligatory drams of whisky.  And when the orator,  piper and musicians walk into the bar get ready to ceilidh.

DIY Burns

Alternatively you can bring Burns to your house.  Just add whisky, haggis, neeps, tatties with friends.  Check out the Robert Burn’s Organisation for the poetry and you’re away.

And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere!
And gie’s a hand o’thine!
And we’ll tak’ a right guid-willie waught,
For auld lang syne



Burger Meats Bun – full roll mandatory

Burger Meats Bun signWe follow the glowing sign down the stairs to Burger Meats Bun.

We know BMB means serious business when they sit an entire kitchen roll down on our table.  Not napkins.  An entire roll!

It seems extreme but they’re right.  We’re served the juiciest, most mouth-watering burgers.

It’s messy but totally tasty.

BMB veggie burger - GlasgowThere’s a good selection of chicken and beef burgers with an extensive choice of toppings.  Smokin’ bacon, chipotle mayo, Barwheys cheddar.  You want it, they got it.

And veggies are not forgotten. Their Nae Meat burger is extraordinarily scrumptious – and massive.  Actually tall.  Open very wide.

The chips are equally delicious.  In fact I happily blew my living on lettuce 2014 resolution on some of the most perfectly cooked, crispy sensations.

Raise a small glass to a big burger

BMB small beer steinEven the beer is served up in a totally cool way, arriving in one of the tiniest but most charming steins.  It’s hilariously conversational.

Besides serving up some of the best burgers and chips in town – BMB also happens to be a really cool place to simply hang out.  Enjoy the intriguing surroundings and welcoming staff. Chow down while taking in quirky quotes and pictures.  And do appreciate the cool cows grazing in green pastures.

Owners James and Ben’s dream of creating one of the best burger in town is coming true with BMB.

It’s January.  It’s dark and rainy.  You deserve something particularly good – so treat yourself to BMB.

– T

Silent Sunday – 1 December

Not your average fish and chips at The Finnieston

Fancy fish and chips at the Finnieston in GlasgowDelish breaded coley and hand-cut chips.  Oh my.  http://www.thefinniestonbar.com



Retro wonder at Vespbar

Vespbar pizza in GlasgowWith  massive pizzas taking over most of our table and cocktails in a row, we’re set to thoroughly enjoy Vespbar.

We had originally come for the rumoured ping pong but got distracted by the cocktail list.

Tucked away on Drury Street in the city centre, Vespbar is a kitsch cool hang out.

Vespbar in GlasgowThink mom and pop diner complete with 1950s style seating meets old school Italian bistro.

It’s a mix of everything good – a jukebox, delish homemade pizzas and Prosecco on tap.  What’s not to love?

The staff are friendly and the prices are just as likable.

Cocktail heaven

The mezzanine level is perfect for taking in the surroundings, people watching and chowing down on scrumptious mushroom pizza.

Vespbar cocktails in GlasgowAnd although we don’t manage to locate the mystery ping pong table, we no have trouble finding the cocktail list served up on 45 style record menus.

The variety of choice is both extensive and impressive.  We’re blissfully overwhelmed.

The classic cosmopolitan and oh so sweet tutti frutti go down nicely.  The double-sided list is a hit that has us singing its praises.

Ping Pong dreams

Although it’s too cold for ice-cream, I still can’t help eying up the ice-cream parlour stand in the corner.  I will return for frosted delights and that abandoned ping pong match.

So next time you’re in the mood for pizza and possibly ping pong, veer off the beaten track to something a  little quirky and  a whole lotta fun.

– T

To market we go

Central Market in GlasgowIt’s always so satisfying when something actually is as brilliant as it looks.

Located in the heart of the Merchant City, Central Market certainly lives up to its enticing chic appearance.  But it’s not just a pretty space – the food is wonderfully delicious.

Set over two levels,  this intimate space is perfect for surreptitiously people-watching or catching up with friends.  And that’s exactly what I do.

Delicious choices galore

Pan fried cod at Cental Market in GlasgowSomewhere between attentive servers, fluid conversation and crisp Prosecco, decisions are made.

And what fabulous choices – my pan-fried cod with butter beans and artichoke is melt-in-your-mouth heavenly.   The ricotta and herb dumplings and perfectly cooked steak also get rave reviews from my dinner companions.

Everything is bursting with flavour – a reflection of the fresh seasonal ingredients.

Central Market side dishesA small thing – but a nice feature, is the vast selection of tasty sides – from the more traditional skinny fries to the modern kale and exquisite combination of puy lentil and wild mushrooms.  Ordering a few and sharing with the table is a must.

Do save room for dessert

Do save room for dessert because it’s wrong to miss it.  My chocolate and beetroot brownie is sweet perfection.  But if you prefer savoury, the selection of George Mewes cheese, chutney and oatcakes is the perfect way to finish your meal.

But delicious food and a beautiful setting is nothing without great service.  Our waitress is not only helpful, making  excellent recommendations – but charming in all the right ways without being intrusive or phony.

Central’s ever-evolving seasonal menu will definitely draw me back.  Next up, Sunday brunch.  And if it’s as pleasing as their dinner,  I’m in for a true treat.

– T

Silent Sunday – 8 September

Need a Sunday pick-me-up?  Big burgers joy at Max’s bar.

Big burger joy at Max's bar in Glasgow


Delish fish – exactly how we like it

Glasgow simply has too many fantastic eateries to pick favourites.  And yet the Finnieston on Argyle Street cannot help but rate high up on our list.

And just what sets this tasty treasure apart?  Well, it’s charming, cosy – and the staff are both knowledgeable and attentive.

Gin cocktail joy at the Finnieston in GlasgowIt has the most delicious and wonderfully named gin cocktails.  Where else can you happily have dinner with ‘the poet’, ‘the sailor’ and ‘the gentleman’ and no one fights?

Importantly the food is absolutely out-of-this-world delicious.

Even better, it’s served exactly the way you like it.

Choose from a selection of fish and decide how you want it cooked – poached, grilled or pan-fried.  Select your finish and  accompanying sides.  Perfection.

Salmon perfection at The Finnieston in GlasgowMy pan-fried salmon in rosemary and smoked garlic butter is exceptional.

And no matter what, do save room for dessert because it is equally outstanding.

Missing it would be a regrettable mistake.

Ever evolving, always brilliant

Like their evolving seasonal menu, their drinks are also updated regularly.  So there’s reason to go back time and time and time again.   We certainly will.

Dessert heaven at the Finnieston in GlasgowGin cocktails and seafood go together wonderfully.

So go on, try out one of Glasgow’s finest.  Get the booth by the fireplace, perfect for people watching and sipping delightful cocktails.

What’s not to love?

– T