Late night? Follow the light…

If you find yourself starving on Sauchiehall Street after a late night rendez-vous this weekend, don’t settle for any old guff.

Yes you’ve been working your moves in a dancing frenzy all night. And yes you deserve food. But walk pass those noodles. Don’t even look at that questionable fish and chips and for goodness sake, turn away from the killer kebab.

You’ll regret it in the morning.

#PommesfritesglasgowThere’s only one place to take safety, solace and satisfy your hunger.

Walk towards the light…the wonderful glowing neon Pommes Frites sign will welcome you in with promises of the taste of Belgium.

Variety is the spice of life – especially on chips

It really is cheap as – ahem – chips.  A small cone (aka their regular) is actually massive. And it’s only £1.75. Even better, you can treat yourself to a variety of seasonings and sauces. Garlic and parmesan with pesto mayo is delish. As is blackened cajun and garlicky mayo. Or spice it up with cayenne and paprika seasoning. There are endless choices – and they’re probably all delightful.

Unlike other late night haunts, this place still taste great in the light of day. So if you’re on the west-end of Sauchiehall Street, try it out.

– T

Silent Sunday – 12 October

Enjoy veggie and vegan delights under CCA’s mood enhancing lights.

CCA serves up veggie delights in Glasgow

Challenge your perceptions about mental health

Today is #worldmentalhealthday. And this month the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (SMHAFF) is happening across Scotland – shaking up perceptions and preconceived notions about mental health.

Some of the events you can catch in Glasgow include screenings of See Me I’m A Young Carer  at Café Nemo – created by a group of young carers to share the issues they face on a daily basis. Or check out the French Canadian film Gabrielle at the GFT – an intimate look into William’s Syndrome told through a love story.

Get involved

Check out the The Vacuum Cleaner Presents: The Assessment at the Arches 14-15 October to delve into your own mind to look at common mental health conditions and diagnosis.

Tomorrow - part of SHMAFFI also recommend Vanishing Point’s Tomorrow at the Tramway. I enjoyed this insightful look into the life of George in the grasps of old age and dementia – and his carers.

Their use of realistic latex masks to depict being stuck inside a body that doesn’t match yours anymore is truly brilliant. But it’s only on until tomorrow Saturday 11 October so be quick or you’ll miss it.

SHMAFF is full of films, exhibitions, exchanges, experiences – and importantly lots of questions and answers about mental health. So check it out.

– B

Silent Sunday – 5 October

Big well done to all who took part in the #GreatScottishRun today!

Great Scottish Run 2014

Above and beyond burgers

Winter’s coming. Warm up with a bit of stodgy deliciousness I say – this season I’m shunning salads for comfort food.

Glasgow has the same ideas because in the last year burger joints offering scrumptious filling food have sprung up all over the city. But there’s one that warms my heart and totally satisfies my stomach like no other – Bread meats Bread on St Vincent Street.

More than burgers

Poutine at Breat Meats BreadAnd it’s not just their mouth-watering burgers that won me over. It’s more to do with Quebecois delicacy poutine, chips smothered in gravy and cheese curd. Yum!

I knew this luscious treat from my days in Quebec in Canada. And up until now, no one but the Québécois could do it right. But not only does BMB do it right – they possibly do it better. Their flawless original along with a Glasgow inspired variety or a sweet potatoes version, means I’m spoiled for choice.

Of course do try one of their impressive burgers. But make it extra extra special by adding poutine.

If you’ve never tried poutine, prepare for a tasty calorie-rich sensation. And don’t be alarmed – cheese curds don’t melt. They’re squishy flavourful morsels that make good chips great.


– T

Silent Sunday – 28 Sept

Unleash your inner poet at Blue Chair cafe – last Friday of the month

Spoken word evening - Blue Chair cafe in Glasgow - last Friday of the month

Take flight at Gin 71

I like a nice gin. So I’m thrilled to discover Glasgow’s first dedicated gin bar – Gin 71.

Gin 71 bar in GlasgowBy day this inviting Renfield Street spot is the Cup Tea Lounge offering delicious tea and cakes. And by night after 6pm, it’s a seductive gin lover’s dream.

Not your grandma’s gin

But this isn’t gin as you know it. It’s better, enticing and beautiful. There are so many – we hardly know where to start.

But why choose just one when you can have three. From the fabulously fruity to the exquisitely earthy and even the exceptionally dry, Gin 71’sFlights lets us sample different artisan gins perfectly matched to specially-made tonics. Sensational!

The Flight trays are impeccably presented. In fact they’re almost too pleasing to disturb. Almost. The delicate ritual of putting it all together is delightful. And the high-powered soda water bottle adds a bit of excitement – go gently.

There are several Flights to choose from but the Fruity Gin Flight is a must. Or if you’re longing for the taste of home, try some of Scotland’s finest with the Homegrown Flight.

And if you’re feeling peckish (or need to coast a little), try something from their food menu.

Beautiful surroundings, alluring tipples and helpful staff equals totally wonderful.

So go on, take flight.


Silent Sunday – 21 September

West End wonder in the delightful sunshine

Cresswell Lane in Glasgow#CresswellLane

Scotland decides

No matter what the result, Scotland is still changing. It’s been an exciting and tense time for us but now that all has been officially revealed, it’s time to shake off some stress.

Mugdock Country Park Mugdock Country Park  is our solace. There’s a variety of activities throughout the year – today’s it’s all about Castle capers. On the weekend the playground and two castles can be mobbed.

But we only need to wander 10 minutes and we’re in a totally tranquil world of impressive scenery, including a glistening lake and the Campsis as a beautiful backdrop.

It’s breath-taking and it’s in our backyard, just 30 minutes outside Glasgow city centre. Taking it all in – I can actually feel myself relaxing and my mind clearing.

We walk a little further in beautiful sunshine soaking it up. And delish tea and cake makes the perfect ending to a relaxing day.

And while it looks different today, Scotland is still beautiful, still bold and still pushing for change. And it still  inspires and fills us with hope.



Silent Sunday – 14 September

Clydeside looking completely spectacular…

Clydeside in Glasgow