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Meet yoga-tastic fantastic you

Sometimes contentment can be found in the small things.  Like a glass of water or a cool breeze.  This is especially true if you’re sweating buckets in a super hot yoga class – generally hovering around a balmy 38c.

Infinity yoga in Glasgow Colette is one part yoga sage teacher, one-part comforting philosopher, all heart – perfectly combined with no-nonsense-you-can-do it sensibility.

Oddly, despite the sweltering heat, I believe her.   Because even if at first everything feels utterly impossible and I don’t think I can twist my body into a pretzel (aka eagle pose), Colette believes.

A special personal experience

She encourages, motivates and calls you by name.  Impressively she somehow remembers the name of every person who comes to her Merchant City Infinity yoga studio.  Here you are not just a number.  You’re special – you feel special.

The variety of hot yoga, hatha and Pilates means you won’t get too comfortable in one class, can experiment and test yourself in new exciting ways in a supportive environment.   In fact, you can adapt according to your own abilities. And the other teachers –  Jamie and Gemma – are also fantastic. Though Colette is my favourite.

Improve your day  and yourself

You will sweat.  You will feel challenged, quite possibly like never before.   But you will also feel totally brilliant – inside and outside.  Eventually.  I promise.

Go on, give it a try.

– T

Silent Sunday – 21 April

Lost your head?  Find it at the Kelvingrove…

heads at Kelvingrove


Silent Sunday – 14 April

Discovering people in the most peculiar of places…

Mystery statue in Glasgow

Looking for a place to happen

I’ve heard about Glasgow’s Poetry Club but never been before now. Tucked away in the SWG3, this captivating multifaceted hangout  is a  bar, art-hub performance space and general place to happen.

Smoking allowed

Flying Scotsman at The Poetry Club in GlasgowThrough the small entrance to the bar we’re greeted by billows of smoke and a welcoming drink.  An unusual combination  but in the Poetry Club smoking (of the train variety) is absolutely allowed – and I’m instantly charmed by the Flying Scotsman.

Behind the curtain is a world of Oz and open space.  It has an anything and everything kind of feel.  In one area a small stage offset by sofas to sprawl on – or when the mood and music takes me, a dance floor to show off my moves.  And when it all gets too much, I climb the iron staircase to the safety of the mezzanine and enjoy the enchanting feel from the safety of the shadows.

Anything could happen

Even though the hint of the arches that once were is still noticeable,  the venue feels very solid.  Anything could happen here – and does from private parties to performances, to gigs.   Its legendary early beginnings were born out of  Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie’s need for a venue for his event with writer and punk-pioneer Richard Hell.  So he built it.  And that DIY determination and fun definitely live on inside these walls.

So if you’re looking for an intriguing venue with the added benefit of a unusual smoke machine – look no further.  And although the Poetry Club doesn’t offer food, the fish and chip van outside hits the spot when lounging becomes passé and you tire of dancing.


Holiday bliss in Glasgow’s back (court)yard

Even though Glasgow enjoys a good blether, it sometimes keeps a few secrets.  Good secrets.  Wonderful hideaways appearing where you least expect them.  Revelations like Brutti Compadres tucked away off Virginia Street – a hidden gem reminiscent of the perfect holiday bar, minus any sand between the toes.

Small, chic and inviting

Brutti Compadres bar in GlasgowLike its sister bar – the Brunswick Hotel’s bustling Brutti Ma Buoni – Compadres boasts good food and fabulous friendly staff.

It’s small, chic, inviting and just happens to offer a tasty tapas-inspired dishes along with a slew of other hearty choices.  Mixing and matching is a must, so bring a few friends.

Prawns of all dispositions

Their charming name suggests these ‘ugly mates’ have a good sense of humour.  And whether you like your prawns peaceful or angry, their eclectic menu has it covered.  Their many varieties of Brutti bread are  definitely one of my favourite treats.  Really it’s all good and exceptionally reasonable; some small plates start at a mere £2.45.

The sun’s finally returned to Glasgow and the days are getting longer, making Compadres’ fantastic courtyard the ideal place to catch up with friends (ugly or otherwise) and soak up any sunshine.  And if the rain returns, enjoy the warm glow of the cosy bar inside.

Do tell

The secret is officially out – so get yourself to the little escape on Virginia Court and enjoy holiday-inspired fun quite literally in your back yard.  Sun optional, prosecco a must.

– T

Silent Sunday – 17 February

Delish is the order of the day at Delizique…

Breakfast at Delizique deli in Glasgow

Heat up winter

Bikram Yoga in GlasgowIn this baltic weather, it’s hard to imagine sweating profusely.  But that’s exactly what I’m doing… at Bikram yoga.

And if you’re thinking calm, ease and stillness, you couldn’t be more wrong.  This is serious stuff.  This is mind sharpening, body strengthening yoga done in an oven at 42 c.

There’s no prolonged meditation, no mantras and no rest for the weary because over the course of the next hour-and-a-half it’s 26-postures in almost continual-flow.  And once isn’t enough – we do each posture (asana) twice.

Stretch, pull and sweat – a lot

I stretch my mind, pull my body and sweat like never before.  Because in this extreme heat even the most refined lotus flower is gonna to sweat uncontrollably.  Fortunately no one cares – in fact we’re all in this encounter together.

It’s all-over good for you

And just why would you do this?  Well, it’s good for you.  In addition to an all-over body workout, Bikram also works your cardiovascular system and internal organs.  Yes, it’s intense.  It’s challenging.  But it’s also extremely energising – in fact I feel great.

If I could bottle the utter joy, sense of accomplishment and well-being I feel at the end of each class, I would.  But I can’t so I’ll be back to (literally) extend my bliss.  Their 20 days unlimited classes for £20 introductory pass is a great way to try it out.  Classes run throughout the day and are for all levels.

So go on, get out of the cold and into the heat –  boost your body, mind and soul.

– T

Tis the season to treat yourself

Parties, presents and people galore.  Oh my.  Manoeuvring around throngs of Christmas shoppers is now the everyday norm.   And even though admittedly tis the season to think of those you love, in the frenzied run-up to Christmas don’t forget to inject a little pampering into your own life.   And that’s exactly what I do.

I head off to the Savannah Day Spa with a friend  at the Menzies Hotel on Washington Street.  Our day starts with a tour of the place where we admire the jacuzzi, steam room, sauna and pool – complete with loungers to unwind on…because sometimes even swimming can be too much activity.

Essential relaxation – fluffy robes included!

After getting comfy in fluffy robes we’re escorted to the treatment room complete with soothing music and calming lighting with candles.  A little surprising – our initial treatments happen in the same room.  So, if you’re going with a friend make sure it’s a good one!

But our inhibitions are banished by an absolutely fantastic head, neck and shoulders massage – quite honestly the best I’ve ever had.  Next up is a facial, complete with head massage; I’ve never felt more relaxed.  And my friend is whisked away to get her nails done.

And after I’ve been thoroughly pampered I’m left to relax – perhaps a little too long.   I doze off for quite some time and find two staff outside waiting patiently for me to leave.

Ladies who lounge – and occasionally swim

Freshly shellacked nails at Savannah Day Spa in GlasgowIn the lounge I’m reunited with my freshly shellacked friend and her perfect nails.   We enjoy a scrumptious lunch that includes a glass of champagne and cupcake.  Totally chilled, the bubbles go straight to my head.

We spend the rest of our blissfully relaxed day wandering between the steam room, jacuzzi and loungers.  And I even give the pool a go – swimming a few lengths but nothing too strenuous of course.

At £39 (on Woucher – normally £91) it’s money well-spent.  Full use of the spa facilities, two mini treatments, champagne and a cupcake later, we are fully rejuvenated and ready for any Christmas chaos ahead.   So go on – check out some of the saving sites like 5pm, Last Minute and Woucher for an inexpensive guilt-free pre-festivities pick-me-up.

– B

It’s time for fright night

Halloween werewolfI’m standing in a dim hall with flashing lights and fake blood dripping down my chin as a collection of miniature ghosts, vampires, werewolves and witches jump, scream, dance and generally have a good time around me.

And when the little goblins retire to their beds, there’s plenty for the big kids to get up to.

What’s a ghoul to do?

The Arches are holding a one-off Halloween makeover of Alien Wars.  Definitely not for the faint of heart, it promises to be absolutely terrifying.  If you dare, navigate you way around the ominous Arches basement into the unknown.  For £9.50 you’ll get scared out of your skin – and your equal share of tricks and treats.

Breathe easy

Fancy a breath of fresh air with your Halloween experience?  Mugdock Country Park’s  Fright Night invites you to walk among spectres as they attempt to reclaim the park.  Avoid disappointment and pre-book on their website or call 0141 956 6100.  And don’t forget to dress for ghost busting.

Scare yourself thin

Alternatively if you’d like to be scared without leaving your seat, GFT are showing The Shining.   Even better, watching it apparently can make you burn the equivalent of a chocolate bar in calories so stock up on sweets. Book online or call 0141 565 1000 to book.

Whatever you do, have a ghoulishly good Halloween. I’m off out guising with my werewolf, hoping mostly avoiding the tricks and picking up a treat or two.

– B

Brighten up November

The days are getting shorter and the dark is closing in.  But Glasgow’s newest festival Sonica, kicking off  8 – 18 November, promises to light up the winter drab.

See the sound

Created by Glasgow-based arts producers Cryptic (of CCA Cryptic Nights fame), Sonica runs at various intriguing venues in Glasgow – from the Whisky Bond to the Tramway.

This new fest describes itself as, ‘sonic art for the visually minded’.   And what does this mean exactly?  I’m told it’s like ‘seeing the sound’ – and I discover  it’s a fusion of images and sound to create a totally new dimension to performances.  I’m in.


Sandglasses, Sonica Festival, Glasgow  c.Sonica websiteSandglasses at the Tramway is (quite literally) a glowing example of multi-faceted performance.

Four cellists shrouded in transparent columns play – their music intertwine with traces of light flitting down the columns like grains of sand in an hour glass.  Spectacular.

And there’s a slew of other exciting events like the 33 1/3 Collective’s dark psychological fairytale Bluebeard; TED talks exploring how we listen to sound, the Laser Show at the Glue Factory and don’t miss Sonica’s closing party.  There’ also a secret festival hub that will be popping up throughout the week.

What’s not to love?

A whole new genre of work from national and international artists awaits you.  And with numerous free events and special ticket deals, there’s no excuse not to illuminate your November and treat your senses to something good.

Watch. Listen. Love.

– B