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Behave yourself….or not. But don’t miss this festival!

Behaviour isn’t your average festival.  Thankfully.

It’s an adventure fuelled by gritty performances that provide a close up look at the good, the bold, the bizarre and the beautiful.  And don’t worry, nobody minds if you stare.  In fact, they encourage it.

See everything!

Showcasing talented local and international artists – this electric and energetic programme  is so damn good that you may as well treat yourself to a ‘see everything’ festival pass and see the lot.  At £39 (£29 concession) it’s a real bargain considering the calibre and colossal list of performances on offer – there’s still over 10 different shows happening until the 29 April.    Or you can see individual shows between £4 – £11 a pop.

While many shows are happening at the Arches, others will take place across the city – some in the most interesting and unusual venues.

Surprisingly, music to my ears

Sewing Machine Orchestra at Behaviour Festival 2012Admittedly I never thought of a sewing machine as being musical but Montréaler Martin Messier’s  raw, industrial sewing machine orchestra was completely captivating.

And different.  In a good way.

Stir emotion, discover and face your fears

But this festival isn’t just about going to see live performances – it’s about stirring emotion, discovering something new and possibly even facing your fears.  Would you have the guts to set your vanity aside and let a 10-year-old kid scissor-hands cut your hair?  If the answer is yes, then definitely go to see the closing show ‘Haircuts by Children’.

There is still so much to see and experience that it’s hard to settle on a few, but I’m looking forward to hopefully also seeing (and smelling) ‘The Silence of Bees’ happening in Lush on Sauchiehall, starting  a loud rebellion at Kieran Hurley’s ‘Beats’ and experiencing the ups and downs of Bryony Kimmings’ intoxicating and entertaining ‘7 day Drunk’.

Whatever you choose, it will be right.  And it will be good.

-T #behaveyourself


Resolve to discover the new, not abandon the old

It’s dark, it’s cold and the last of your festive cheer has possibly disappeared with your hangover.

2012 quickly approaches and the time has come to make resolutions to be abandoned with gusto.  But this New Years instead of giving up supposed bad habits, why don’t you choose a new year’s resolution of discovery.

Glasgow is overflowing with culture and entertainment – and even better, much of it is free. So even if Christmas has left you waiting for your next pay, there’s no excuse not to see what’s on in Glasgow in 2012.

Trongate 103

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre at Trongate 103A lively arts hub in the city centre, Trongate 103 holds free events on the first Thursday of every month.  Ranging from film screenings to exhibitions, drama to music from professionals to community members, there’s something for everyone.

Earlier this month I went to the amazing Project Ability exhibition where I was lucky enough to meet the artist and saw a performance of GIRL taking place in a photographic gallery.  It’s a wonderful adventure, you don’t know what the event is going to be like until you are in it, so take a risk and discover something sensational.


If you fancy something more highbrow, then the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) hosts a Creative Exchange on the last Thursday of the month. Of course you can be daring an do both.

Explore Glasgow’s museums for free!

Alternatively Glasgow offers loads of free museums, great for adults and kids.  There’s the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, architectural magnificence with storytelling for children on a Saturday morning.

And don’t underestimate the attraction of modern art for kids, at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) my boys could stare at things for far longer than me.  The apparent lack of rules of interpretation work and fascinate.

Check out the newly opened Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel featuring the fantastic Flying Scotsman with his specially designed bikes – may look a little bizarre but world records can’t be wrong.

The Southside’s impressive Burrell Collection is set in beautiful grounds with a great play park. And inside there’s hours of exploring to discover with over 1200  collections, 3000 images and a wonderful café to rest tired feet and refuel in.

Discover the People’s Palace on Glasgow Green boasting Billy Connolly’s banana shoes and the best park nearby with enclosed tubular slides.

So bundle yourself up and make grabbing a bit of free culture your New Year’s resolution.  You’ll be glad you did.

– B

No ordinary cinema – tears, tissues and mulled wine

Seconds away from the hustle and bustle of Sauciehall Street is the enchanting GFT  tucked away on Rose Street.  

GFT cinema in GlasgowIt’s a comforting haven – especially the night before Christmas Eve.  Instead of frantic shoppers and manic stares we’re greeted by the wonderful smell of mulled wine and mince pies. 

In true festive spirit, we’ve come to watch that Christmas classic ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’.  It’s a first for my children but for my mum and me a welcomed nostalgic return.  We’re well prepared with tissues that my children of course eye with disdain. 

Best in British and international film

At anytime of year the whole experience at the GFT makes seeing a film seem so much more special.  No unappetising bloated hot dogs and pawed over pick-and-mix, instead this stylised art deco building offers the Cosmo Cafe and a Balcony Bar.  And here coffee and wine are acceptable alternatives.  In addition to mainstream flicks they offer some of the best and most interesting in British and international films.

It actually feels more like a night at the theatre than your average cinema, complete with a starry-filled curtains drawn back to reveal the film screen.  The atmosphere is festive, magical even –  and you can feel the whole audience responding with you to the film. The round of spontaneous applause at the end of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is a first for me.

Do something wonderful in 2012

So why not put some wonderful into your life and check the GFT’s fantastic programme.  Indulge in a  truly extraordinary cinematic experience in a beautiful building adorned with the legends of the film industry.  Great value too, our family ticket for 4 was only £16.  And on Saturday mornings they offer   Take 2  free family films alongside a selection of films you won’t see anywhere else in Glasgow!

– B