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Silent Sunday (morning) – 15 April

Glasgow 4am…

The lights are on by no one’s home at Glasgow City Chambers…

Glasgow City Chambers, 4am

Ingram Street never sleeps…

Traffic never sleeps on Ingram Street

Where the world stops on Brunswick Street…

Brunswick Street, Glasgow

Check out the amazing 4am project


Silent Sunday – 25 March

Once upon a tart – serving up sweet and sexy. 

Alluring artwork at Once Upon a Tart - Glasgow

Silent Sunday – 29 January

Basking in beauty in Glasgow – look, it’s all around…

Tron Clock Tower, Glasgow


Silent Sunday – 8 January

When Rome meets Glasgow

Scooter in Glasgow, Scotland

…a thousand words

Exploring Kelvingrove Park

Kelvingrove Park Glasgow

A picture says….

Dark, cold nights have us fondly remembering summer

In bloom, Necropolis in Glasgow

Silent Sunday – New Year’s Day – 1 Jan 2012

Happy New Years.  Hope 2012 is magical.
We’re resolving to take  a wee rest the first week of January but will be back on the 11th.

George Square, Glasgow

Silent Sunday – 25 December

Merry Christmas!

Santa in Glasgow

Silent Sunday – 18 December

Glasgow’s winter wonderland

Winter wonderland, George Square Glasgow

Silent Sunday – 11 December

Star light, star bright…..

Fairy lights in Royal Exchange Square, Gasgow