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Ice cream dreams

Too cold for ice cream you say. Never! Especially when it’s the absolutely delicious and delightful Crolla’s on Byres Road.

Crolla’s gelateria This West End gelateria is the stuff of childhood dreams – filled with the creamiest ice cream, chocolate galore and mountains of sweets.

Their DIY stone cold creations is a must – a colossal ice-cream sundae made just the way you want.

There are so many important decisions to make. Choose from an endless variety of ice-cream, toppings – caramel, nuts galore, chocolate, tablet and more. And top it all off with fresh fruit and the sauce of your choice.

I go for a classic vanilla with heaps of chocolate bits, crushed nuts and strawberries to keep it (ahem) healthy. It’s all combined in a beautiful mixture of edible perfection topped off in more chocolate. Of course.

The result – dessert heaven. YUM!

Glasgow is set to have a last blast of heat before heading into autumn. Stay cool with Crolla’s tasty cool creations.

– T


Where ice cream dreams come true

No self-respecting ice cream parlour would be complete without a delectable family secret recipe. Nardini Cafe is one of Scotland’s most loved, whether we know exactly how they make the delicious stuff or not.

Nardini's ice cream in GlasgowIt first set up shop in 1935 on the seafront in Largs and fortunately for us, turned up on Byres Road last March.  Art deco design coupled with gorgeous ice creams like After Eight Mint to Ferrero Rocher – what’s not to love?

In addition to charming design and tasty ice cream, Nardini offers up pastries and the most must-have gooey good chocolate and beetroot cake.

We opt for an ice cream sundae – a first for my kids who are beside themselves with joy, although admittedly I have to gently put them off the Clyde Coast Extravaganza with 12 scoops of ice cream and 16 toppings.  Their Raspberry Snowball Delight and Hot Fudge Nutty Nut Sundae do the trick and are still impressively huge with three scoops of ice cream, lashings of special sauces, whipped cream frenzy and snowballs and nuts.

Nardini’s vast menu is chocked full of choice.  And possibly just as thrilling for my boys – you can watch your glorious ice cream dream being created.

Ice cream challenge

Prepare for a challenge as you will need to literally power your way through the layers of ice cream and toppings – and only the mighty expanding stomachs triumph.  The sundaes are lavish and a bit more expensive at £6.95 or £7.95 a pop. However, one between two would be perfectly fine. They also have a children’s section on the menu -which we managed to miss – at £4.25 a sundae.

If the Sundaes are simply too overwhelming, you can always enjoy  single or double scoop bliss.  So go on, treat yourself to some the best ice cream in town.

– B