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Scotland decides

No matter what the result, Scotland is still changing. It’s been an exciting and tense time for us but now that all has been officially revealed, it’s time to shake off some stress.

Mugdock Country Park Mugdock Country Park  is our solace. There’s a variety of activities throughout the year – today’s it’s all about Castle capers. On the weekend the playground and two castles can be mobbed.

But we only need to wander 10 minutes and we’re in a totally tranquil world of impressive scenery, including a glistening lake and the Campsis as a beautiful backdrop.

It’s breath-taking and it’s in our backyard, just 30 minutes outside Glasgow city centre. Taking it all in – I can actually feel myself relaxing and my mind clearing.

We walk a little further in beautiful sunshine soaking it up. And delish tea and cake makes the perfect ending to a relaxing day.

And while it looks different today, Scotland is still beautiful, still bold and still pushing for change. And it still  inspires and fills us with hope.



Silent Sunday – 11 November

Glasgow Green made for Sunday strolling

Glasgow Green

High jinks in skinny jeans and hoodies

Kibble Palace, Bard in the BotanicsBard in the Botanics has been thrilling Glasgow audiences with their imaginative interpretations of Shakespeare for over a decade. The Garden’s a beautiful backdrop but with rain as our permanent companion, it’s Romeo and Juliet in the Kibble Palace.

Star-crossed lovers as never before

This fantastic space completely captivates, surrounding us with glass and expansive greenery that creates a lush setting.  Romeo and Juliet is undoubtedly one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays but this version still manages to surprise me with ample laughter and energy.

The young cast have a real joie de vivre and bring a down-to-earth edge to things.  Dressed in modern day clothes, complete with skinny jeans and hoodies, they breathe new life into an old favourite – and even use contemporary anthems like We Are Young.

Old words for today’s generation

Yes, they speak in traditional verse but they’re still able to give a glimpse into the lives of today’s young boys trying to become men: the angst of first love, the indulgence in drunken revels, the heady combustion of youth and hormones.  Mercutio’s delivery masters Shakespeare’s double entendre to the full; I can’t hold back my laughter.  And Juliet, the only woman in the cast, is not outdone.  Her performance is strong and poignant in a sea of testosterone.

Rain or shine, Bard in the Botanics allows you to see Shakespeare in a wonderful new light.  But don’t just take my word on how fantastic it is, the performance has been extended to Saturday 28 July – an extra six shows added due to popular demand.

As William says ‘action is eloquence’.  So go on, book your tickets online  or call 0141 429 0022 – £15/ £10 concession.



Silent Sunday – 10 June

Remembering blue sky bliss in Glasgow….

Glasgow skyline

Silent Sunday Retrospect – 27 May

Sun, sound  and blue sky bliss at the Southside Festival

Enjoying music at Southside festival in Glasgow

Escape the city for something green and magical

With over 90 parks and gardens in Glasgow, it’s understandable that you might not get around to seeing them all.  But the South Side’s Pollock Park is not to be missed.   There is so much to this fantastic sprawling space – and the Burrell Collection is only part of its charm.

Woodland wonder

Pond in Pollock Park, GlasgowFirst up are the woodland trails – each one with its own attractions.   I’m keen to find the big dray horses and visitor centre but I’m overruled by my husband and the boys – and so our quest for the Fort begins.

Admittedly it’s not as freakishly balmy as a few weeks ago but it’s still good to be out walking in the woods, taking in the scenery and soaking up the sights and sounds.  Even learned a little about ‘predator pikes’ but didn’t see any lurking in the pond.

Breathe in the history

We reach the Iron Age Fort and it’s amazing – and apparently one of the best preserved.  You can see the ringed ditch with earthen banking on both sides – and even though you might need a bit of imagination to fill in the rest, the history is heavy in the air.  Admittedly the boys aren’t as impressed by its historical significance and would rather duel with their wooden sticks than admire a 2000 year old artefact.

Feeling adventurous we stray off the trail for the rest of our walk following the path of beautiful forget-me-nots and daffodils that lead us to a peculiar looking loveseat carved from a tree-trunk – a rather magical discovery.

Easter egg challenge anyone?

It’s  easy to spend the entire day here – and it’s well worth checking it out over the Easter weekend for the egg treasure hunt on Sunday – or explore the visitor centre.  And if you’re feeling extra bold, enjoy a dray ride with the Clydesdale Horses.

– B

Soak up the sunshine (while it last)

Hooray!  Spring has arrived in Glasgow.  And whether it’s here to stay or just passing through, getting outside is a must.  And that’s exactly what we do.

A microcosm of Glasgow – people watching gold

Kelvingrove Park in Bloom, GlasgowWith food, drink and obligatory football we head off to Kelvingrove Park – just one of Glasgow’s beautiful open spaces, with the magnificent Art Gallery and Museum as our backdrop.  Cherry blossom perfection – everything is in bloom.

Ideal for picnicking or kicking about your ball of choice about – Kelvingrove Park is a microcosm of Glasgow so great for people-watching.  Toddlers test out new walking feet, excited kids waver on bikes finally free from stabilisers and young lovers wander next to slow-stepping seniors.

Ice-cream and free entertainment

On a day like this, ice-cream is a must.  And at Kelvingrove’s skate park we’re treated to the moves and manoeuvres of the boarders and BMX stunt bikers, young and old alike.   Besides a lot of swerving around, there’s actually a few impressive stunts.

We leisurely explore and end up at the Stewart Memorial Fountain, built in 1872 to commemorate Lord Provost Stewart of Murdostoun – apparently why we haven’t all died of cholera.   We throw coins into the fountain, making secret wishes before reluctantly heading back to the car.

Still more to discover

Hanging out in Kelvingrove is the perfect way to spend a sunshine-filled afternoon.  And even though we’ve seen a lot there’s still more to discover.  Cypress Duck Pond and a Heritage Trail are definitely on the ‘to see’ list next time round.

Sunshine is fleeting so get out in it and rejuvenate your soul in one of Glasgow’s beautiful green spaces.


Silent Sunday – 11 March

Sunday splendour in Glasgow’s South Side

Queens Park, Glasgow


Silent Sunday – 15 January

Sundays are made for exploring Glasgow…
…so what are you waiting for?

Beautiful sky at Queens Park in Glasgow

2012 – No better time to explore Glasgow

What does Tokyo, Havana and Glasgow all have in common?  Well, according to The New York Times we’re one of the 45 must see places of 2012.

And we couldn’t agree more.

But of course you don’t need one of the most-read Pulitzer Prize winning newspapers to tell you this.   Quite simply Glasgow is fantastic.   Still – it’s nice to be sited as a respectable 12th on the esteemed list.

And while we aim to highlight all those wonderful must-see and do places in glorious Glasgow – understandably we also know that after the Christmas extravagance, January can be penny-pinching time.

Glasgow the fresh and free

Child with swans at Queen's Park, GlasgowBut doing something wonderful in Glasgow doesn’t have to cost a thing – in fact, Queen’s Park in the South Side provides a great day of sight seeing, beautiful scenery and discovery.

Steeped in history it offers fantastic views, extensive rose gardens and if you wonder up to the Glasshouse, you can check out exotic wildlife (fish, birds and reptiles), foliage and various flowering plants.

And what better way to use up stale bread than on feathery friends.  I was treated to a swan show complete with a backdrop ballet performed by mallards, tufted ducks and a variety of other creatures of the winged variety.

Detox your wallet, replenish your soul

So don’t suffocate inside lamenting a diminishing bank account – get out, breathe in the new year in fresh crisp air.   Detox your wallet and replenish your soul at Queen’s Park or one of Glasgow’s many other outdoor wonders.

2012 is the year to explore Glasgow!  And with over 90 parks and gardens throughout the city – there’s ample choice, something for everyone and really  no good excuse not to.

– T