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One for the wishlist

If you have never stood in a crowded cavern with some of Glasgow’s biggest and best music fans and joyfully sang your heart out, then you are missing out.

Barrowland Ballroom in GlasgowIf you have had such an experience, I can only hope that it was at least once in the Barrowland.

You’d be in good company – this boisterous ballroom has hosted an eclectic group of entertainers.

These walls talk, sing and hold such wonderful memories.

Everyone’s favourite

Whatever your musical taste, the Barrowlands caters so there is absolutely no excuse not to go.  It’s hosted everyone from the Pixies, to Metallica to Massive Attack and more recently Reflektors (aka Arcade Fire).

And many musos name it as a favourite venue – and why not.  With its exceptional acoustics and sprung dance floor rocking us into bliss, what’s not to love?

Barrowland sign in GlasgowThe Barrowland’s sign burns through the night sky – a warm welcome promising an exceptional night. It doesn’t lie.

There is something magical from the moment you walk through the doors, up the stairs – this is a gig venue unlike any other.

If you haven’t yet experienced the merriment of the Barrowland, put it at the very top of you 2014 wish list.  You will not be disappointed.  You will be thrilled.

– T

Magical Musical Mondays at Bloc

Blochestra at Bar Bloc in GlasgowIf you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to sit among Arcade Fire as they jam in their living room or questioned whether you could ever truly appreciate a banjo, you need to get yourself to Bloc to witness the wonder that is the Blochestra.

Every Monday something completely magical happens when a collection of musicians of all skills and all instruments unite to create the most wonderful fusion of sound.  Quite literally right in the middle of the bar.

Ukes, flutes, a banjo – oh my

It’s completely laid back where a keyboard and ukuleles are nestled comfortably between pizza, gin and beer.

The variety of instruments and singers is impressive.  Of course there’s the usual suspects like guitars,  drums – and an extensive brass and woodwind section that includes flutes, a trombone and sax, to name only a few.  Then there’s the more unexpected like a xylophone, a recorder and yes, even a mighty banjo – which incidentally sounds absolutely brilliant in their rendition of Feist’s 1234.

And just when you thought they couldn’t possibly fit another person or instrument, in walks a double bass.

Old favs and charming new discoveries

It’s an eclectic mix of well-loved tunes like the Cure’s Close to Me and lesser known but equally as mesmerising songs like Chicago by Sufjan Stevens – admittedly a new discovery for me.  Just how did I ever survive without this song in my life?

It’s an energising, inspiring experience.  And it’s completely free and completely open to anyone to bring along there instrument of choice and join in.   Or, like me, sit in the midst of it all silently but happily absorbing it all.

But enough of me waxing lyrical – I’ll simply let the music speak for itself.

– T

Silent Sunday – 21 October

Quite possibly the best music venue

Barrowland, Glasgow

…so follow’em: @Thebarrowlands