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Silent Sunday – 28 April

Explore and experience the GSA exhibit at the Glue Factory.
Be quick – only on until 2 May.

GSA exhibit at the Glue Factory - Safe Passage










GSA exhibit at the Glue Factory TVs






GSA exhibit at the Glue Factory - blue pillows






GSA exhibit at the Glue Factory small images


Ignite your passion with Fuel

I so am excited.  And for good reason.  Fuel Festival is coming to Glasgow.  Fuel? Like  energy?  Like fire?

Well, kind of.

Fuel is a theatre-producing phenomenon made up of the talented Louise Blackwell and Kate McGrath.  They create intriguing, edgy, unique theatre with some of the most exciting artists around.  And they’re in Glasgow for a week at the Tramway from 20 -25 November.  If you don’t know them, it’s definitely time you were introduced.

Celebrating life in unexpected places

Treat yourself to the award-winning The Simple Things in Life, a  celebration of life in a garden shed.  Or if you fancy getting in (and out of) touch with your senses, try Ring – performed in complete darkness.  Go on a journey of sound via headphones amplifying intimate details of the room.  Who knows just where you’ll end up.

Black TShirt Collection, Fuel. Image c. Brian RobertsIf storytelling fused with imagery sparks your interest, then Inua Ellams is your man.  Black T-shirt Collection is a must.  This spoken-word artist’s ability to conjure up images and totally captivate with words alone is nothing short of impressive.

And this is only some of the many intrepid offerings.

Yes,  it’s easy to get bogged down in winter’s short days and long nights.  So all the more reason to  fuel your curiosity and set your creative soul alight.  Lots to experience and definitely not to be missed.

Fuel for thought.



21 years on, the Arches have still got it

Turning 21 is to be celebrated – especially when you’ve been entertaining the masses for over the last two decades.  An excellent host,  21 years on the Arches continues to throw the most fabulous, unmissable events month-after-month.

If you haven’t enjoyed any of their festivities, where have you been?  Thankfully, it’s not too late to crawl from under that rock and discover the many wonderful revelries on offer.

Whether it’s enthralling club nights and gigs, exhibitions or performances of every variety, it’s all waiting for you.  And if you dare to get involved, you can channel your inner artist and  try out a new idea in front of an audience at an upcoming scratch night  or take your chances at the interactive Alien Wars.  Not for the faint of heart; you have been warned.

Arches Live – so much to experience

From 18 – 29 September Arches Live will be showcasing innovative and intriguing new work by Scotland’s emerging artists. This year’s festival is bigger, better and bolder – and not to be missed.  With over 30 performances to choose from in a two-week span, there’s something for everyone, myself included.

There’s so much to choose from but the shows that have sparked my curiosity include:

Arches Live, God loves a trier, Victoria BianchiVictoria Bianchi’s God Loves A Trier,  exploring our ability (or lack of)  to see things through to the end; Fire Into Song,  featuring the talents of Cara Berger, Victoria Beesley and Vanessa Coffey that introduces a female Prometheus and promises to be different each night – and the voyeuristic Minotaur/Monitor . Calum MacAskill’s short, thought provoking experience gives insight into the life of the half human, half bull. ‘Live feed’ begins at 6pm.

If you’re taking in a few shows, you may want to consider getting a festival pass (£32/26) or a day pass (£18/12).

So go on discover, dance and be merry.

– T