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The best sexy sandwich in town

When you discover something amazing, you should share it. This is especially true for good food.

Juice Garden in GlasgowThe Juice Garden on Renfield Street wins Glasgow’s best sandwich. Actually that’s not totally true because it’s not just one sandwich, it’s a wide variety of deliciousness.

Their awesome avocado, falafel-filled Moroccan magic and oh-mega tuna are all absolutely heavenly. And that’s just the beginning – there are loads of  other perfectly formed sandwiches to choose from. Even better, these tasty sensations are packed with nutritious goodness.

And as the name suggest, they also do an impressive selection of juices, shots and smoothie shakes. Today’s fav is the botanical boost juice – but sherbet lemonade and blue banana are also on my must try list.

Healthy is the new sexy

The Juice Garden says healthy is the new sexy and they’ve got the juice to prove it. From detoxifying to skin boosting or slimming down, their health and beauty drinks will have you looking and feeling fab. And if you need a little pick-up-up, try one of their juice shots.

It’s also a really lovely hang out – literally. Relax in their hanging circular chair or plunk down on the comfy flowerpot seats.

Don’t fret if you’re not in the city centre because these sexy sandwiches are also coming to the West End soon.

So go on, treat yourself to something scrumptiously good.


Eat your words at Blue Door Cafe

So you didn’t get tickets to Prince. Don’t fret; you can still eat breakfast with Shaft and Stevie Wonder if you head to the Blue Chair café. And that’s exactly what I do.

Quirky cool for the culinary explorer

This wee blue gem is a must. Bursting with quirky cool, it’s the perfect place to unleash your inner creativity, culinary explorer and cake-lover.

We’re treated to a delicious hearty breakfast, delightfully attentive staff and a wonderful selection of sound, including Shaft and Stevie warming up the room with their silky tones.  Folk and rock also feature – so something for every ear.

Omelette heaven at Blue Chair cafe in GlasgowTheir eclectic menu  offers something for everyone – and their DIY omelette is an absolute must. Try the mixed herb, cheddar and onion for  breakfast heaven.

And if you’re lucky enough to get the first slice of cake from the lot, you get it half price. They also do lunch and dinner – so we’ll definitely be back for more.

Eat your words

Poetry bubble wall at Blue Chair Cafe in GlasgowAnd Blue Chair loves an artist.  In fact their café is gallery of art, poetry and instruments. So go on, submit your best words to their poetry box for a chance to feature on their bubble wall.

If you’re poem makes it, you get dinner for two. Excellent!

Their evolving evening menu coupled with BYOB and the possibility of being treated to a performance makes it irresistible.

Or if you’d rather listen, then why not enjoy their spoken word night happening the last Friday of every month from 7pm. Storytellers, poets and songwriters all welcome.

Whether you missed out on the Purple Rain or are feeling Let’s Go Crazy elated after the show, Blue Door is the perfect place to commiserate and celebrate. So go enjoy their simple but sensational food for the body, mind and soul.

– T

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

You may have walked past Siempre Bicycle Café many times. It’s easily done. After all, at first glance it simply looks like a small coffee to-go window. Step up, order and be on your way.

Fast, easy but unfortunately you’re totally missing out.

Brunch delights and bikes

Step through the door into the most magical little café. Actually, the most magical massive café. Siempre is a sprawling tardis of freshly made food and bicycle bits and bobs.

As the name suggest, you can indeed get bike gear, clothing and even bikes. Or you can sit down in one of their comfy spaces and enjoy scrumptious food.

We opt for the latter and are totally delighted by their scrambled egg and salmon on a toasted bagel, eclectic veggie platter and refreshing smoothies. The French toast is also tempting.

Siempre cuppa with a smileWe’re totally charmed by their cuppas – that quite literally come with a smile…ok a moustache but still pretty cool.

And their extensive selection of hot chocolate is nothings short of impressive. Whether you like it super sweet or even spicy, Siempre has it covered.

Not only is does this relaxed haven offering up good food, the staff are also lovely. It’s the perfect place to whittle away a few hours.

So the next time you’re speeding out of the Kelvinhall underground, by-pass that to-go window and treat yourself to something tasty inside.

– T

Love is simply delicious

It’s Valentine’s Day, love is in the air and I have fallen head-over-heels for a sandwich.

The relationship started on a rainy  day when getting out felt like an achievement.  I stopped for a pick-me-up at Piece, an unassuming café on 1056  Argyle Street that makes the most delish gourmet sandwiches.

Lovely staff, out-of-this-world good sandwiches

Delish sandwich at Piece in GlasgowI’m greeted by lovely woman who actually takes the time to explain how it all works.

Welcome to freshly baked bread and a range of quality ingredients from pastrami to mango and lime salsa to  spicy sauces, soup, and mouth-watering desserts.  Choose from a pre-set selection of sandwich combinations or freestyle from the ingredients on offer.

I go for the Caesar described as ‘roast chicken, parmesan, garlic mayo and leaves’.  But this description doesn’t do this god of sandwiches justice.   The garlic mayonnaise coupled with olives and cucumbers round off this sumptuous sandwich.

My husband’s towering chicken ole looks like a work of art – and with recommended added chilli mayonnaise, he’s in heaven.  My kids free style and are so impressed that they’re already planning their next trip.

Great food, great price – nice

The lime and coconut sponge and chocolate brownie – seals the deal.  Piece is a new favourite.   Simple pricing for any sandwich, regardless of ingredients (£3.95 take away and £4.95 sit in) makes it impossible not to adore.

So go on – fall in love for all the right reasons with the utterly delicious Piece.  I plan on eating my through the menu.  Next up Jamaican chicken…or possibly falafel.  Or maybe I’ll freestyle.

– B

Silent Sunday – 3 November

Sometimes different is good.  Pear and Elderflower cake?
Yes please!

Delicious cake at Tinderbox in GlasgowTinderbox – Merchant City

Trans Europe Cafe by night – a Glasgow must!

I already knew and loved Trans Europe Cafe  as thee perfect breakfast place.

Cool laid-back surroundings, Tony’s no-nonsense service and totally tasty food make it one of my favourite spots in the city.  Board games and being able to get breakfast at 4pm on a Sunday only adds to the appeal.

And then Trans Europe started serving up evening nosh during the weekend.  So how could I resist?

A delish delight at night

Magically the bustling day-time café transforms into the perfect intimate night- time spot.  Low lights and soft music lull us into a sense of comfort.  And lovely smelling food tempts our taste buds.

Delish fish at Trans Europe Cafe in GlasgowI opt for the beautifully prepared cod.  I am not disappointed.  Visually it is artfully presented.

But it’s not just a pretty dish. It’s bursting with flavour – a song for your mouth.

And although I have never had room during the day for dessert, I save just enough space to enjoy the most luscious chocolate delight.  Yum!

By night Trans Europe offers the same sensational service, serves up a concise menu of delectable food and is set to become a Glasgow evening hot spot.   In fact, do book because looking around every table is full.

Their evening menu displayed on the chalk-board is ever-changing.  All the more reason to come back time after time.

Day or night, Trans Europe is a must.

– T

Silent Sunday – 5 May

Enjoy a lazy Sunday at Cafe Gandolfi…

Cafe Gandolfi Merchant City in Glasgow


The deliciousness of being lost

Hidden Lane Tearoom in GlasgowOh the delight of it all.  The utter joy pouring from every delicate china teapot into beautifully decorated cups.

I am happily lost at the Hidden Lane Tearoom, surrounded by perfectly formed finger sandwiches and the most intriguing cakes.  Total bliss.  If Alice and the Hatter lived in Glasgow, they would definitely hang out here.

Tucked away on Argyle court, this magical tearoom is cosy and welcoming enough to feel like going to a friend’s house.  A friend who happens to have the most incredible taste in Brick-a-brack and serves up delicious, enjoyable treats.

Multi-tiered edible masterpiece

Cakes galore at Hidden Lane Tearoom in GlasgowAlthough the menu offers more than afternoon tea, I can’t get away from the allure of tiny sandwiches and joyful cakes, so we excitedly await our tea-for-two.

When the edible multi-tiered masterpiece arrives it is nothing short of extraordinary – in fact it’s almost too beautiful to eat.  Almost.

And even if the lovely staff are used to the oohing and awing that no doubt happens every time they present these pleasures, they smile in approval just the same.

The selection of sandwiches is impressive. But it’s the interesting combination of  hummus and beetroot that takes me by surprise  – it’s good,  in fact it’s fantastic.  And the absolutely scrumptious selection of cakes have me nearly squealing with glee.

A mini blueberry pie type concoction is heavenly, customary scones and clotted cream are divine and oh the lovely mini Victoria sponge and chocolaty wee cakes.   I eat every last one, happily stuffed.

Not so secret

If you’d like to be happily lost, book because although hidden, the tea room has also been discovered by other joy-seekers.  And rightly so! It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon and raise a cup or two with friends.  And if you fancy something with a little more punch, you can bring your favourite wine or celebrate with bubbles – corkage is a mere £3.

Tea for two comes in at under £20 –money (and time) well spent in simply divine setting.


Riverhill to the lunch rescue

Riverhill Coffee Bar in GlasgowBreakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day.  And while it does set me up,  lunch is definitely not to be snubbed.  After all, it’s what keeps me going.

I want to savour every moment of that sacred hour when I step away from work to enjoy something good.  So I head to Riverhill Coffee Bar centrally located on Gordon Street.

Small but mighty tasty

Delightful desserts at Riverhill Coffee Bar in Glasgow Small but serving up a variety of mighty delicious food, it offers everything from sandwiches served on the most beautiful breads (hmmm ciabatta), to intriguing salads and an impressive selection of desserts.

Yes, dessert is a lunch must-have! Because who can resist ‘hot n horny chocolate cake’ – especially at only £2 a slice.

Even the traditional egg salad sandwich is beautifully presented wrapped up in paper and string – a wee edible present.  If you want to try something a little more exotic, their shrimp salad sandwich on a luscious brown roll or beautiful bulgur wheat, lentil and feta salad are delish.

With an ever-changing menu, I’m spoiled for choice.  And coffee lovers will not be disappointed – their Dear Green coffee is truly a beautiful thing.

Staff as sweet as their treats

And the icing on this sweet, sweet delight – the friendly staff are as lovely as the food.   And it’s all at a great price;  my sandwich and  drink comes to a very reasonable £4.  Seats are limited but take away is available.

So go on – put a spring in your step, liberate lunch and treat yourself to something wonderfully scrumptious.


Take shelter from the showers in Offshore

It’s another soggy day – cold, wet and rainy outside.  But inside I’m taking great comfort sinking into the deep sofas at Offshore , snuggling into their warmth.

Bagel at Offshore cafe in GlasgowIt’s cosy and welcoming with an eclectic mix of mis-matched sofas and chairs.  It’s kind of like hanging out in your front room but never having to tidy up the mess.

Admittedly, I don’t have someone to make me Chai and bring me toasted bagels at home, but at £5.25 for both I can afford to splurge for the service.

Idle away hours in idyllic surroundings

If you’re looking to relax, Offshore is the place to idle away the hours. Their gigantic windows out onto Gibson Street are great for people watching. Open every day until 9pm, in the evening you can bring your own bottle for £2.50 corkage.  Not bad at all.  Paninis, toasties, soup and sandwiches and various vegetarian options are complimented by a range of teas, coffees and the obligatory homemade cakes and biscuits.

The woman sitting opposite me is enjoying an enticing looking drink while she cuddles up to her man.  Offshore’s that sort of place; everyone unwinds a little bit more when they walk through the door.

Coffee and culture

Offshore cafe in GlasgowOffshore isn’t just about cuddling and coffee – it  has its own culture to offer too.

Life Drawing classes happen downstairs in the gallery space on Thursdays 7-9pm; £10 a pop and basic materials are provided.  There are also exhibitions downstairs in the gallery – worth a look.

So why not escape the rain and swing by Gibson Street for a wee relax, spot of culture and a cup of tea all in one place.  Getting there is easy; it’s leaving that’s the hard part.