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Silent Sunday – 31August

Jim Lambie’s Barrowland tribute will totally brighten your day…

 Jim Lambie art installation in Glasgow

Silent Sunday – 20 April

Drop that Easter egg & get to Glasgow International – on til 21 April

GI festival - wheel chair at GOMA

Silent Sunday – 13 April

Travel the Riverside Museum’s road to wonder…

Double-decker tram at the Riversid Museum in Glasgow

The unmissable Jack

Jack Vettriano ticket at Kelvingrove in GlasgowThere are some things that simply look better in person. Jack Vettriano’s magnificent works of art are certainly one of them.

You just don’t see them –  you breathe them in, truly experiencing  each captivating scene.  So if you can get yourself to the Kelvingrove before the 23 February, do.

This prolific artist often divides people’s opinion.  Adore him or loathe him, there is no denying that his artistry is worth seeing in person.

Face-to-face with the butler

Admiring acclaimed works like the ‘Singing Butler’ is nothing short of mesmerising. Her red dress burst off the canvas and contrasting colours and textures intoxicate my mind. And I’m certain I detect a gust of wind sweep by from the blustery scene.

It’s also nice to discover Mr Vettriano’s other more recent, but equally magnificent, ‘Scorched’  of a sun-drenched sultry bather.  Room after room after room  continues to enthrall and enthuse.  How many beautiful paintings can one man paint?  Many.

Colour your memories beautiful

Jack Vettranio wall at Kelvingrove in GlasgowDiscovering some of his sources of inspiration  – from Scarlet O’Hara, to David Bowie and Leonard Cohen – gives particular insight into his life, loves and work.

And though I can’t take any pictures, my memories are now vividly coloured with hypnotic scenery.

A tip – book your tickets in advance to skip the queue.  Or if like us you didn’t think ahead, do stick around for 20 minutes wait – it is worth every second.

– T

Silent Sunday – 28 April

Explore and experience the GSA exhibit at the Glue Factory.
Be quick – only on until 2 May.

GSA exhibit at the Glue Factory - Safe Passage










GSA exhibit at the Glue Factory TVs






GSA exhibit at the Glue Factory - blue pillows






GSA exhibit at the Glue Factory small images


GSA exhibits at the Glue Factory stick in the mind

Glasgow School of Art third years have taken over the Glue Factory for their annual Fine Art Photography exhibition.

GSA exhibit at the Glue FactoryThis relatively new space at Speirs Lock is deceptively large with rooms off rooms, walls in unexpected places and tantalising doors round every corner. Perfect really.

The living installations that welcomes us offers hugs to all as we enter,  though only some accept the gentle gesture.  Beyond their embrace is a range of exhibits including video installations of hearts being sewn up and people eating their favourite foods, though not together – thankfully.

The variety of photos and prints include an eclectic range from a man standing on water to a stark and honest depiction of someone’s stay in hospital.  There’s even a screening room with a selection of short films and a makeshift auditorium.

See, experience and enjoy

For me the highlights include a compelling video installation, Look by Pavel Dousěk.  The simplicity of a guy initially sideways then turning to look directly at me – intensely – as if he truly sees me, well it sends shivers up my spine.  I can’t help but watch him in the video again and again – and still believe that in some way he actually sees me.  Haunting.

To restore my sense of peace I turn to Hannah Blackwell’s 124 – a large square print cut into literally 10,000 tiny squares then intricately reassembled on the wall, maintaining the overall image.  It’s easy to get lost in the gaps between the tiny squares and look for the image – it almost seems to move.

Bring out your inner artist

Frank McElhinney’s interactive Safe Passage GSoABut my favourite exhibition is Frank McElhinney’s interactive Safe Passage.  Initially I’m greeted by a wall of hand-drawn medieval ships representing the thousands of people who died at Bannockburn. I’m then invited to draw my own ship using coloured ink and rollers laid out by the artist.  Once I complete my drawing, I exchange it for a ship from the wall and my picture replaces it, actually becoming part of the exhibition.

An ever evolving selection of ships, change from moment-to-moment as people take existing prints and add their own.  And although my mighty ship remains on the wall throughout the exhibition and my friend’s disappears after only minutes – I’m not letting that dampen my spirit.  Because not only did I visit an exhibition, I became part of one.

See the extraordinary talent on offer – it’s free and fantastic but fleeting – only on till 2 May.


Eat, dance and see the city through new eyes

Did you know that October is Black History Month?  This month experience an eclectic range of activities celebrating the contributions black men and women make to the UK.

Lotus Women exhibition - Arpita ShahAnd where better to start than with a visit to Streetlevel for a look around Nymphaeceae (Lotus Women) – a captivating exhibition by photographer Arpita Shah.

This vibrant collection of striking colourful imagery shares the lives of women with Asian, African and Arab heritage living in Scotland.

When I spoke with photographer Arpita she told me the project was inspired by her own experiences growing up in a Hindu home, childhood memories in Saudi Arabia, coupled with her research into Hindu Mythology.  It reflects the interesting and inspiring people she’s met, fused with reoccurring discoveries like the lotus flower and its shared parallels in religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Shinto; often signifying femininity, beauty, reproduction and detachment.

Partnering with this exhibition is Ajamu’s Future Histories: Celebrating the Scottish Diaspora – a unique series of portraits of black people within the arts, public life, community activism, business, music, entertainment.

Jamaican blues

If you fancy something livelier head off to the Ankur Blues Party on 17 October –a Jamaican blue’s shindig with a modern twist.  It promises to be an exciting combination of music, live performance, food and dancing – can’t wait.

See Glasgow through new eyes

And if you feel like stretching your legs and seeing this great city through someone else’s eyes, then join the energetic African women leading the My Glasgow walking tours at the end of the month.

Have a dance, a laugh, taste some delicious food, discover and enjoy.

– B