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Silent Sunday – 26 Jan

Who needs Paris when Cafe Rouge in Glasgow welcomes you in

Cafe Rouge in Glasgow

Silent Sunday – 5 May

Enjoy a lazy Sunday at Cafe Gandolfi…

Cafe Gandolfi Merchant City in Glasgow


Take shelter from the showers in Offshore

It’s another soggy day – cold, wet and rainy outside.  But inside I’m taking great comfort sinking into the deep sofas at Offshore , snuggling into their warmth.

Bagel at Offshore cafe in GlasgowIt’s cosy and welcoming with an eclectic mix of mis-matched sofas and chairs.  It’s kind of like hanging out in your front room but never having to tidy up the mess.

Admittedly, I don’t have someone to make me Chai and bring me toasted bagels at home, but at £5.25 for both I can afford to splurge for the service.

Idle away hours in idyllic surroundings

If you’re looking to relax, Offshore is the place to idle away the hours. Their gigantic windows out onto Gibson Street are great for people watching. Open every day until 9pm, in the evening you can bring your own bottle for £2.50 corkage.  Not bad at all.  Paninis, toasties, soup and sandwiches and various vegetarian options are complimented by a range of teas, coffees and the obligatory homemade cakes and biscuits.

The woman sitting opposite me is enjoying an enticing looking drink while she cuddles up to her man.  Offshore’s that sort of place; everyone unwinds a little bit more when they walk through the door.

Coffee and culture

Offshore cafe in GlasgowOffshore isn’t just about cuddling and coffee – it  has its own culture to offer too.

Life Drawing classes happen downstairs in the gallery space on Thursdays 7-9pm; £10 a pop and basic materials are provided.  There are also exhibitions downstairs in the gallery – worth a look.

So why not escape the rain and swing by Gibson Street for a wee relax, spot of culture and a cup of tea all in one place.  Getting there is easy; it’s leaving that’s the hard part.


Pop in for a retro recharge

I’ve hit my mid-afternoon slump on a Saturday.  But two lively children means no rest for the wicked; I need somewhere to revive.

Groovy vibes and luscious cake

Cafe Pop, Glasgow (outside)With its funky décor, Cafe Pop calls to me like a beacon of vitality on Great Western Road.  Inside, we’re instantly drawn in by its retro chairs, sofas, vibrant paintings and the curious but intriguing cabinet with woollen hats and scarves on a shelf.

It’s friendly and relaxed – really like settling down in the front room of some 60s artist who happens to also have an impressive selection of goodies like cookies and cream cupcakes by the Flamingo Bakery and the gooiest and richest looking chocolate fudge cake.

We make our choices and settle in.  I opt for the breakfast smoothie, crammed full of strawberries, bananas, honey and apple juice goodness. Just the energy kick I need. The kids can’t resist the gooey good chocolate fudge cake.   And they’re even more delighted when two glasses arrive at our table filled with extra smoothie from my batch.

But if sweets and smoothies ain’t you’re thing, you can also get bacon rolls, toasties and great sounding breakfasts.  And all at affordable prices; a soup and sandwich is about £5.

60’s kitsch to the revive rescue

Cafe Pop  art wall, GlasgowPop is the perfect pick me up. It’s an endearing cafe where in addition to enjoying revitalising smoothies, you can be dazzled by the charming little touches in the décor.

I’ll definitely be back to try one of the breakfasts, indulge in a cookies and cream cup cake and perhaps even find out who those hats and scarves are for.