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Fun springs up in the most unusual places

Not long now until the city is transformed into the Glasgow 2014 sports extravaganza. Along with floods of athletes, unique arts events are popping up in the most unusual places.

 Look up, look down – and go with the flow

Discover Perch Carnival on 19 and 20 July. Involving aerial performers, an 86 strong orchestra and a cast of 200, this elevated performance promises to be spectacular. Get your tickets (£6 + £8 at the Arches.

There’s also lots of fab free fun like the Glasgow Film Theatre’s Cargo, Camera, ACTION. On 26 July join musicians, circus performers, artists and filmmakers on the banks of the Clyde for a cinematic take-over. Check out one of five performances happening – each featuring a different band. Tickets are free but you need to book.

River Event - Barrowland Ballet

The River. Picture credit: Frank McElhinney

Catch Barrowland Ballet’s The River on 20 and 21 July in the Briggait and down by the banks of the Clyde.

150 performers will take you on a beautiful journey through dance, live music and song. Tickets are also free but you need to book.

And these are only some of the many fun-filled arts escapades happening throughout the city alongside the Games. Check out Glasgow 2014 for a full look at all you could be getting up to over the next few weeks.


– B

The extraordinary Tiger’s coming to town

Love to be mesmerised and thrilled?  Me too – and that’s why the exhilarating Tiger  and Tiger Tale (+6)  are not to be missed.  This wonderful piece of dance theatre by Barrowland Ballet is told in two spectacular shows – one aimed at children and the other at adults.

Barrowland Ballet's captivating TigerThe story introduces us to a family stuck in a routine –  a cleaning obsessed mother with a dutiful husband and a daughter desperate for attention.

Their world is pretty ordinary,  bland even.  And then something magical happens, something starts to infiltrate their lives…the Tiger.  Magnificently chaotic, alluring and dangerous – I won’t give anymore away other than to say you must meet this wonderful tiger in his fine orange suit.

Prepare to be captivated

Beautiful movement, acrobatic dancers and fantastic music will have you totally transfixed.   The live music performed throughout the show  adds to the emotional resonance.  It’s a sensory delight.  So don’t be shy!  Nab one of the front row seats and get as close to the action as you can.

The set is more like an art installation with metal scaffolding and a cat’s cradle of silken strings for the performers to play in.  The unique looking buckets hanging from the ceiling are truly cool.

It has been touring but is coming to the Tramway in Glasgow on 25 and 26 October.  So get your tickets for Tiger and the kid’s Tiger Tale.  You won’t be disappointed.

Step away from the ordinary and get some Tiger in your life.  Grrrrr!

– B