Improve your view

Glasgow is brimming with so many wonderful galleries. Outside the biggies, there’s ample inspirational exploring to be done – much of it free.

Checking out photography at Stree Level #inGlasgowIf you’re in the Merchant City area, you should definitely check out Street Level Photoworks.

This tardis-like gallery may look small from the outside but boast two big rooms full of thought-provoking pictures. Even if some of the thoughts are, what is that exactly?

They’re also home to the Jill Todd Photographic award winners until 7 December. Definitely worth checking out, especially because each winner is so incredibly different.

Third place winner Cliff Andrade’s work is hugely personal, exploring his family’s migration. It’s almost like peering into his private photographs.

Ingvild Melberg Eikeland’s second place pictures are absolutely beautiful, bursting with colour and capture the essence of the Grand And Royal Canal residents and community during a time of change.

Frank McElhinney's award winning images  at Street Level #inGlasgowBut my favourite – and incidentally this year’s  winner – is Frank McElhinney’s intricate aerial photographs of the River Forth. A truly beautiful journey of discovery.

Street Level offers up an eclectic selection of work. So go on, fill up your mind with beautiful thoughts through intriguing images.

– T



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