Challenge your perceptions about mental health

Today is #worldmentalhealthday. And this month the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival (SMHAFF) is happening across Scotland – shaking up perceptions and preconceived notions about mental health.

Some of the events you can catch in Glasgow include screenings of See Me I’m A Young Carer  at Café Nemo – created by a group of young carers to share the issues they face on a daily basis. Or check out the French Canadian film Gabrielle at the GFT – an intimate look into William’s Syndrome told through a love story.

Get involved

Check out the The Vacuum Cleaner Presents: The Assessment at the Arches 14-15 October to delve into your own mind to look at common mental health conditions and diagnosis.

Tomorrow - part of SHMAFFI also recommend Vanishing Point’s Tomorrow at the Tramway. I enjoyed this insightful look into the life of George in the grasps of old age and dementia – and his carers.

Their use of realistic latex masks to depict being stuck inside a body that doesn’t match yours anymore is truly brilliant. But it’s only on until tomorrow Saturday 11 October so be quick or you’ll miss it.

SHMAFF is full of films, exhibitions, exchanges, experiences – and importantly lots of questions and answers about mental health. So check it out.

– B


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