Scotland decides

No matter what the result, Scotland is still changing. It’s been an exciting and tense time for us but now that all has been officially revealed, it’s time to shake off some stress.

Mugdock Country Park Mugdock Country Park  is our solace. There’s a variety of activities throughout the year – today’s it’s all about Castle capers. On the weekend the playground and two castles can be mobbed.

But we only need to wander 10 minutes and we’re in a totally tranquil world of impressive scenery, including a glistening lake and the Campsis as a beautiful backdrop.

It’s breath-taking and it’s in our backyard, just 30 minutes outside Glasgow city centre. Taking it all in – I can actually feel myself relaxing and my mind clearing.

We walk a little further in beautiful sunshine soaking it up. And delish tea and cake makes the perfect ending to a relaxing day.

And while it looks different today, Scotland is still beautiful, still bold and still pushing for change. And it still  inspires and fills us with hope.




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