Let’s celebrate. Glasgow 2014 is here!

Hooray! The wait is over – it’s time to start the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

With so much happening across the city and blissful blue skies – surely it’s wrong to stay in. So if you fancy watching the opening ceremony, there’s still time to join a party happening across the city.

Glasgow Green Live Zone

Revel in the start of Commonwealth Games on the Glasgow Green Live Zone with thousands, including a few famous friends like LuLu, Rod Stewart, Susan Boyle and many more. And every seat is a good one with a MASSIVE screen revealing all. Tickets are £10-20 for this event. But there’s plenty of free fun and frolic happening on the Zone over the course of the Games too.

The Brunswick Stage

Brunswick Street StageGrab a bit to eat, get a drink and take in some live music before the Merchant City beams the Opening Ceremonies to their Brunswick Street screen. Free – but come early to claim your spot.

All around the ‘toon’

There’s quite literally something happening everywhere – check out screens across the many venues across the city like West Brewery Sloans and Drygate. And more!

 The Old Fruitmarket

Want to dance the night away? Get yourself to Old Fruitmarket to watch the opening ceremony and after enjoy live music from Boomerang – including 21 artists from around the world. Tickets (18+) are £10.

Join a party. Make your own party. Because wherever you celebrate, it’s going to be magical, unforgettable and with the added shine shine – even a little hot.

– B


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