On yer bike!

One million people are about to flood into the city for the Commonwealth Games. It’s going to get crazy! But you don’t have to.

‘Gordon’s gears’ for all

Leave the car behind, get off that stuffy bus and get on your bike. And no excuses – because Next City Bikes make it possible for everyone. There are 400 bikes located throughout a lot of city, including six temporary stations near Commonwealth venues.

Easy peasy

Explore Glasgow by bikeTheir easy-to-use app showed us where bikes were located and how many were available.

After uploading £10 for our starting credit, we unlocked the bikes and were on our way.

I’m admittedly a little leery about biking in a city not always known for its bike friendliness. So rather than taking on the city-centre first time out, we opt for a quieter route.

Great views and new discoveries

We start out on the tip of the Merchant City on Bell Street and make our way to Glasgow Green. Nothing but great views. And not an angry driver or pedestrian in sight. In fact, we get a lot of smiles.

Maybe it’s the People Makes Glasgow logo beaming from the back of our bikes – or perhaps it has more to do with our own enormous grins. Either way it’s delightful. Perfect sunshine and a pit-stop for ice-cream are added perks.

It’s amazing the things that you discover on a bike. Ice-cream in the park, a little pond with ducks and radio control boat enthusiasts. Who knew!

Don’t be constrained by a few extra bodies in city.  Jump on a bike to get around effortlessly, efficiently and discover new wonderful things.

– T


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