World street food on your doorstep

I’m feeling very satisfied because I had the tastiest lunch ever. The fact I managed to have it during my work day is an added bonus.

Habibi Kitchen #inGlasgowIn the Briggait we were lucky enough to be visited by the Habibi Kitchen yesterday.

It’s a middle-eastern and world-food pop up stall. Inspired by a love of travel, good food  and interest in what people think about certain dishes, they embarked on their culinary adventure.

Simple but good food

The menu is simple but delicious: fresh salads, tabouleh, chilli and coriander sauce, homemade hummus, pickled turnips and sesame covered falafels cooked right there in front of you.  It’s all crammed into Moroccan pitta bread in a topsy-turvy creation of exploding flavours. And all for £4.50.

If you’re not at the Briggait, don’t worry. Habibi Kitchen moves around Glasgow. So keep your eyes peeled. Or better yet, follow your nose because you’ll probably encounter the tempting aroma before you see it.

Habibi Kitchen coming to you

You can also catch them at their fortnightly stall at Mansfield Park Farmer’s Market in Partick, the next one is this Saturday 31 June from 10am-2pm and this Sunday they will be at the Gibson Street Gala.

So if you’re looking for wonderful world-food that manages to be both delicious and healthy, Habibi is for you.

– B


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