Open the door and explore

Who are we to resist opening a door with a question mark on it? It’s a riddle that deserves to be solved.

1116 Argyle pop-up bar - #inglasgowInside we find an alluring pop-up playland.  This mish-mash of odd tables and chairs, lamps and lights and an eclectic crowd –makes this cosy bar strangely welcoming.

We nestle into a table at the back, admire the evolving wall art and check out the extensive drinks board of cocktails playing tribute to different areas of Glasgow.

Overcome with choice – I start with a G&T. Hendricks appears to be their standard. I’m beginning to like this place more and more.

Bathroom wall - 1116 Argyle Street pop up bar - Finnieston Do write on the walls

It’s all  so casual, comfortable – kind of like you’re at a friend’s house party, the good kind.  The sort with interesting people, good tunes and complimentary lighting.  And it’s totally ok to write on the bathroom wall – in fact, it’s encouraged. Chalk provided for every would-be loo philosopher.

And if while you’re enjoying soulful sounds and electro 80s throw- back you begin to feel peckish, this pop-up party has a small tapas menu – including the dessert variety.

I’m not sure if Finnieston’s latest hangout is here to stay or merely treating us to a temporary tantalising time. All the more reason you need to get yourself down to 1116 Argyle.

Enjoy it while it last – we certainly will.

@finniestonpopup #finniestonpopup

– T


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