Burger Meats Bun – full roll mandatory

Burger Meats Bun signWe follow the glowing sign down the stairs to Burger Meats Bun.

We know BMB means serious business when they sit an entire kitchen roll down on our table.  Not napkins.  An entire roll!

It seems extreme but they’re right.  We’re served the juiciest, most mouth-watering burgers.

It’s messy but totally tasty.

BMB veggie burger - GlasgowThere’s a good selection of chicken and beef burgers with an extensive choice of toppings.  Smokin’ bacon, chipotle mayo, Barwheys cheddar.  You want it, they got it.

And veggies are not forgotten. Their Nae Meat burger is extraordinarily scrumptious – and massive.  Actually tall.  Open very wide.

The chips are equally delicious.  In fact I happily blew my living on lettuce 2014 resolution on some of the most perfectly cooked, crispy sensations.

Raise a small glass to a big burger

BMB small beer steinEven the beer is served up in a totally cool way, arriving in one of the tiniest but most charming steins.  It’s hilariously conversational.

Besides serving up some of the best burgers and chips in town – BMB also happens to be a really cool place to simply hang out.  Enjoy the intriguing surroundings and welcoming staff. Chow down while taking in quirky quotes and pictures.  And do appreciate the cool cows grazing in green pastures.

Owners James and Ben’s dream of creating one of the best burger in town is coming true with BMB.

It’s January.  It’s dark and rainy.  You deserve something particularly good – so treat yourself to BMB.

– T


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