A woodland wonderland of wellness

I need a massage. Not an excuse to unwind or time to relax but a proper take the pain and tension out of my body full-on massage.

It’s my own fault.  My shoulders and neck are retaliating against months of lugging a laptop back and forth.

Woodland herbs healing to the rescue

Woodland Herbs logo in GlasgowFortunately relief comes in the form of a wonderful gift voucher from an equally wonderful and kind friend.  Woodlands Herbs Complementary Medicine Centre here I come.

Their range of treatments include a wide variety  from Reiki to Shiatsu, Thai Yoga massage, Indian head massage and Bowen Therapy, involving a rolling movement.

For a first visit I’m not brave enough to try the Bowen Therapy, but I’m tempted by the Indian head massage.  But in the end I go for a therapeutic massage.  Described as treating many problems including muscular pain, injuries, tension and stiffness, it’s absolutely what I need.

Woodland herb is a simplistic setting and vast array of dried herbs, oils, natural remedies.  I’m not sure what to expect but my therapist Nadine is lovely and very calming.  We talk about my pesky shoulder  and neck issues and then we’re off.

Stress and strain be gone

Stress and strain melts away as I’m treated to the most amazing massage.   Nadine finds every knot and guides me through any discomfort with breathing exercises.   Tension melts away.  By the time I leave my shoulders are pain-free for the first time in months.

I’m treated to another pleasant surprise – my morning massage is a mere £32 compared to the normal £40.  The Aladdin’s cave of herbal remedies and bottles of health would no doubt do me wonders – if I only knew what I needed.  Next appointment will be with the medical herbalists.

The spring has been restored in my step – shoulder pain banished, spirits literally lifted.  Bliss.



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