Cultivate your inner peace

It’s so easy to get caught up in the non-stop noise of the world.  And oh so difficult to quiet the mind.

But in the midst of the bustle of the Merchant City is a delightful oasis of calm nestled in on Hutcheson Street.

Kadampa Meditation Centre GlasgowThe Kadampa Meditation Centre Glasgow  is a peaceful sanctuary offering guided meditation and practical advice to detox the mind and rejuvenate the soul.

I am totally new to meditation and admittedly I have no idea what to expect.  In fact, I’m a little apprehensive. But I am greeted by possibly one of the most peaceful women on the planet – Gen Kelsang Devi – resident teacher and modern Buddhist nun.  She instantly makes me feel welcomed.

In with the good, out with the bad

I’m not sure if it’s the egg-shell blue surroundings or Gen Kelsang Devi’s soothing voice, but I am fully relaxed.   For the next half-an-hour she gently guides us through a series of reflections and visualisations – focusing on taking in the good and releasing anything negative.

An encouraging part of the meditation is that you are not merely doing it for the good of yourself but equally for the benefit of those around you.  It’s a nice thought.  And makes total sense – a calmer, happier and healthier you is better for everyone else too.

Better me, better world

And whether you’re completely new to meditation like me or a serene expert, Kadampa Meditation Centre has something for all  interests, abilities and schedules – offering morning, afternoon and after work sessions.

Their  workshops look rather intriguing too – from improving  relationships, to breaking bad habits and getting the most out of life.  And why wouldn’t you want these things.

In one session I have not fully mastered quieting my mind – but I do feel inspired and at ease.  It’s a wonderful start. I will be back.

So the next time the static of the world gets a bit too much, take 30 quality minutes for yourself – and inject your mind with a bit of Kadampa goodness.

– T


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