Bikes, battleships and beautiful frocks

Double-decker tram at Riverside MuseumAdmittedly I don’t really want to go to the Riverside Transport Museum.  I have no interest in cars so they’ll be nothing for me there.    Or so I thought.

Dazzled by a double D…and a dress

Stepping through the doors I’m pleasantly surprised and instantly dazzled by the double-decker tram, swanky autos spanning every era and would you believe – beautiful frocks.

Audrey's Mini dress at Riverside MuseumFurther on I’m drawn in by the bright red mini and another spectacular mini – of the dress variety – worn by the equally sensational Audrey Hepburn in Two for the Road.

There are cars of every shape,  size and style, giant steam engines and an alluring wall of motorbikes.  Even if, like me, you’re not into this sort of thing, bet you’re still impressed.


No hill too steep with people power

Or if you prefer people power, there’s no better way to peddle around than on a bicycle built for….four!Bicycle built for four!

Along my road to discovery I explore the original Glasgow underground, admire a mighty impressive battleship replica and manage to find the perfect way for me and the Mr to get around – of course he gets the sidecar.

My new wheels - sidecar gloryThe transport museum is a fab free day out that lets you wander your way through time and learn a lot in a truly enjoyable way.

So hit the road, get on your bike, and sail away.  How you get there doesn’t really matter, but do check out the exceptional Transport Museum.

– T


2 responses to “Bikes, battleships and beautiful frocks

  1. Yes, it is great fun! Glad you found things you like, your photos capture your adventures nicely

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