The deliciousness of being lost

Hidden Lane Tearoom in GlasgowOh the delight of it all.  The utter joy pouring from every delicate china teapot into beautifully decorated cups.

I am happily lost at the Hidden Lane Tearoom, surrounded by perfectly formed finger sandwiches and the most intriguing cakes.  Total bliss.  If Alice and the Hatter lived in Glasgow, they would definitely hang out here.

Tucked away on Argyle court, this magical tearoom is cosy and welcoming enough to feel like going to a friend’s house.  A friend who happens to have the most incredible taste in Brick-a-brack and serves up delicious, enjoyable treats.

Multi-tiered edible masterpiece

Cakes galore at Hidden Lane Tearoom in GlasgowAlthough the menu offers more than afternoon tea, I can’t get away from the allure of tiny sandwiches and joyful cakes, so we excitedly await our tea-for-two.

When the edible multi-tiered masterpiece arrives it is nothing short of extraordinary – in fact it’s almost too beautiful to eat.  Almost.

And even if the lovely staff are used to the oohing and awing that no doubt happens every time they present these pleasures, they smile in approval just the same.

The selection of sandwiches is impressive. But it’s the interesting combination of  hummus and beetroot that takes me by surprise  – it’s good,  in fact it’s fantastic.  And the absolutely scrumptious selection of cakes have me nearly squealing with glee.

A mini blueberry pie type concoction is heavenly, customary scones and clotted cream are divine and oh the lovely mini Victoria sponge and chocolaty wee cakes.   I eat every last one, happily stuffed.

Not so secret

If you’d like to be happily lost, book because although hidden, the tea room has also been discovered by other joy-seekers.  And rightly so! It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon and raise a cup or two with friends.  And if you fancy something with a little more punch, you can bring your favourite wine or celebrate with bubbles – corkage is a mere £3.

Tea for two comes in at under £20 –money (and time) well spent in simply divine setting.



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