Sleazy is best

Best Burger Champion - Nice N Sleazy, GlasgowClaiming to have the best burger in town is no small boast, yet there are oodles of braggarts in town.

So I decided to put these self-proclaimed champs to the test.

I’ve been sampling across the city and while others are good, there can only be one ultimate.  Many of you know Nice N Sleazy’s as a lively, loud night spot to swig beer and enjoy music of every variety; it also happens to offer up the best burgers in Glasgow.

Big-mouth burgers for all

Best burgers at Sleazy's in GlasgowThe mammoth size, delicious combinations and unbelievably fantastic flavours are simply unrivaled.  And there is truly something for every burger connoisseur in town.  And then some.

For the dare-devil beef eaters to the more eccentric – and even the traditionalist, Sleazy has something.  But why settle for a cheese burger when you could be enjoying the Red Mists – a mouth-watering chicken breast with sage, thyme and topped with smoked cheddar and caramelised onion.  Or dazzle your mouth with Four by Fifty’s smoked salmon combo complete with buttery mash, spring onion, lemon zest and beetroot salsa.

My favourite (and not just for the name) is the Heart of the Sunrise  – as if the perfectly-formed veggie burger  stacked with avocado, roast peppers  and tomato and on amazing bun wasn’t enough – they throw on a slice of grilled marinated halloumi just to send my tastebuds over the edge.  Fantastic!

All burgers are served with impeccably-cooked chips and at £4.95 – £7.50, you’ve still got change for a drink or two.

And in the light of day, Sleazy’s is actually is a pretty cool venue – has a kind of modern diner appeal, without the tat.

I said.  I stand by it.  Sleazy burgers are the best in town – quite possibly the world.

– T


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