King of crafty things

My treasured black coat finally let go of its last button.  But I refused to let go of it – so started a city-wide search for new buttons to resurrect my coat.

I combed through racks  in a large department store, shocked (and offended) to discover a single button was a staggering £6.  It’s simply ridiculous to spend £18 on four buttons.  But in a flash of inspiration, I remembered Remnant Kings .

Remnant Kings rainbow of materialTucked away on the first floor above Frasers at no 7 Buchannan Street is a treasure trove of delights.  Yes you’ll need to climb a lot of stairs to get to the treasure, but it’s worth every step.

Knitters, crafters and dreamers come in

At the top, though the doors, is the Aladdin’s Cave of haberdashery.  Rolls and rolls of material everywhere in a rainbow of colour – stripes, polkadots, trucks, fruit and even a bridal collection with sparkling hues of gold and silver.  Ribbons, cottons in every width, colour and sheen you can imagine – and some you can’t or shouldn’t.  There’s even crafter kits to get you started on your next project.

Buttons galore at Remnant KingsIt’s a knitter’s heaven with balls of wool from floor to ceiling and knitting needles for beginners to experts.

And most importantly (and triumphantly) an enormous selection of buttons – the perfect four for my coat cost a mere £3.70 for the lot.  Success!

Fancy a dress…or cowboy perhaps

Looking around the shop, I discover an unexpected fancy-dress section compete with cowboy hats, feathered masks and even multi-coloured wigs.  Halloween is sorted.

And the staff are incredible – friendly, knowledgeable and happy to answer all of my elementary questions about knitting with patience and humour.  So if you’re thinking of brightening up your wardrobe or home, kick starting a creative project or simply need to save a much-loved jacket, Remnant Kings is the answer.



4 responses to “King of crafty things

  1. You can’t beat these gems of shops – we need to keep supporting them x

  2. Your article and photos put a smile on my face 🙂 I love buttons! and all things colourful…

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