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Heat up winter

Bikram Yoga in GlasgowIn this baltic weather, it’s hard to imagine sweating profusely.  But that’s exactly what I’m doing… at Bikram yoga.

And if you’re thinking calm, ease and stillness, you couldn’t be more wrong.  This is serious stuff.  This is mind sharpening, body strengthening yoga done in an oven at 42 c.

There’s no prolonged meditation, no mantras and no rest for the weary because over the course of the next hour-and-a-half it’s 26-postures in almost continual-flow.  And once isn’t enough – we do each posture (asana) twice.

Stretch, pull and sweat – a lot

I stretch my mind, pull my body and sweat like never before.  Because in this extreme heat even the most refined lotus flower is gonna to sweat uncontrollably.  Fortunately no one cares – in fact we’re all in this encounter together.

It’s all-over good for you

And just why would you do this?  Well, it’s good for you.  In addition to an all-over body workout, Bikram also works your cardiovascular system and internal organs.  Yes, it’s intense.  It’s challenging.  But it’s also extremely energising – in fact I feel great.

If I could bottle the utter joy, sense of accomplishment and well-being I feel at the end of each class, I would.  But I can’t so I’ll be back to (literally) extend my bliss.  Their 20 days unlimited classes for £20 introductory pass is a great way to try it out.  Classes run throughout the day and are for all levels.

So go on, get out of the cold and into the heat –  boost your body, mind and soul.

– T

Silent Sunday – 3 February

 Take a wee moment. Appreciate and admire…

Glasgow Skyline

A Hunterian we will go

I’ve been wondering past the glass doors for months before I finally realise it’s the entrance to the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery. And so I decide it’s  time to take a peek.

Wandering and discovering

Nomadic Landmass, Stevn Klint - Hunterian Inside I find an eclectic selection of art, but  it’s the Nomadic Landmass drawing by Stevn Klint that initially charms me.

It’s a vast geological line drawing with so much detail –  it’s almost difficult to imagine the work and energy that’s gone into this impressive large scale pencil sketch.

The striking portrait of Fraulein Engelhardt by Marie-Louise von Motesickzy is equally as mesmerising.  Fraulein’s heavy lids can’t help but draw me in. In fact I’d like to meet this woman, hear her story – I bet it would be a good one.

If paintings aren’t your thing, the Hunterian also has ample collections of objects from the Bearsden’s shark to a Chinese map of the world… and then some.  Whatever your taste, the family of china skulls decorated with blue sailing ships is a must-see.

Discover art across the eras

Impressively, the gallery houses the world’s largest permanent display of the work of James McNeill Whistler, the largest single holding of the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Mackintosh House – including reassembled interiors from his Glasgow home. Impressive and unmissable.

Scottish Art from 1750 to 1960 is also on display – so you can pick your favourite era. Post-war artist Joan Eardley is definitely mine.  Her love affair with Glasgow, captured in her words and paintings, is reason enough to pay this gallery a visit.

So get yourself through those glass doors and discover the magic.

– B