Find out what lies beneath

I pop into Trongate 103 during my lunch break for some cultural sustenance and discover Blueprint 2013.  The exhibition makes links between the alternative photographic processes and fine art photographic printmaking.

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on  but I explore anyhow, freely roaming from the foyer into the Glasgow Print Studio  (top floor) and on to Streetlevel Photoworks.

Blueprint at Trongate 103 in GlasgowIt feels quite luxurious being able to journey from one place to the next, discovering different layers of Blueprint’s seven different exhibitions.

There are technical drawings giving insight into how photos and prints are constructed, traditional blueprints revealing the inner workings of everything from locomotives to dressmaker dummies – and other images that deconstruct nature, people and objects.

Not so ordinary

Colin Gray’s scanned images are definitely my favourite.  His images delve beneath the surface of- in some cases – some pretty ordinary objects that are transformed through this new view.

Alexander Hamilton’s camera-less photography is also pretty fab, taking inspiration from the natural world – plants meet sunlight.  True to name, I was totally absorbed in his ‘contemplative work of art’.

Blueprint reaches out beyond Trongate 103 to lectures, demos and exhibitions also happening at locations across Glasgow like the Glasgow Museum Resource Centre, Riverside Museum and the Hidden Lane Gallery.

It’s only on till the end of February – so be quick and enjoy this captivating experience for yourself.



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