Wynding and dining

Admittedly I’ve been admiring Ingram Wynd  for a quite a while.  In fact, it all started last summer on one of those rare sunny days when the lure of their patio was nearly irresistible.  Unfortunately I managed to miss the 2012 four-day summer window and got rained out.

And although it was a cold crisp winter day that got me through the doors, their inviting surroundings and charming staff  instantly made me feel warm and welcomed.

Victorian chic – without the stuffy

Mingling plush Victorian surroundings with the right twist of modern, this cosy bistro is a true gem.  And their delicious food is the perfect fusion of Scottish fare and contemporary culinary delights.

Do have dessert

Delish fish at Ingram Wynd in GlasgowTheir menu offers endless choice,  but their beautifully presented (and tasty) haggis starter and cooked to perfection (fish of the day) cod in a tomato reduction is quite simply exquisite.

And do have dessert –  because the mixed berry Cranachan with whiskied oats and cream is quite possibly the best in town.  This food is meant to be absolutely savoured.  And that’s exactly what we do.

Full up and completely contented, there’s no choice but to retreat to the down stairs salon – an elegant hide-a-way perfect for enjoying an after-dinner digestif and telling all your secrets.

A starter, two mains, dessert, a few glasses of wine and a gin later is a  more than reasonable £30 (including tip) on 5pm, making the entire experience all the sweeter.

Like an old friend

Ingram Wynd has a wonderful familiar feel that will definitely draw as back time and time again.  But don’t wait for summer – get out of the cold and treat yourself to absolutely enjoyable food in a chic yet comfortable locale.

– T


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