Eccentrics, intellects and jokers united at the pub quiz

Tuesday Pub Quiz at Admiral Bar in GlasgowIs your head filled with arbitrary facts?  Do you, for instance, know what side Gorbachev’s birthmark is on?  Or if ABC ever actually had a UK number 1?  Or what part of the body reflexology is performed on?

Yes! Then get yourself to one of the many pub quizzes happening across Glasgow for try at cash, free drink, good fun and, in the case of the Admiral Bar, lighted-hearted ‘abuse’ lovingly doled out by quiz master Dave.

At the Admiral if you know any good jokes – bonus, quite literally, or at least a free round of drinks.  Sadly and surprisingly our ‘Why did the monkey fall out of the tree…because it was dead’ gag didn’t win us anything but a few groans.  Can’t please all humours.

The Ace of Spades?

Good with celebrity faces?  Even better.  And although I couldn’t pick out Lemmy from Motorhead, I made up for my lack of rock-god knowledge by identifying Ricky Martin and a totally reinvented Miley Cyrus.

Yes, admittedly a pub quiz can be a wake-up call to add more culture into your life, read more and watch less crap TV.  But it’s also a good, inexpensive night out (1/2 price pizzas at the Admiral) – that unites diverse minds and cultivates a team where feminism, pop-culture, geography, homeopathy and so much more can exist together harmoniously.

The Tuesday Admiral pub quiz offers a £50 bar tab to the winning team and an impressive £350 cash prize for any masterminds who manage a perfect score.  And there’s £1000 up for grabs on the 18 December – so sign up your team now.

Something for every taste

If you’re looking for something a little more (ahem) highbrow, Babity Bowster’s monthly quiz is said to give even the savviest know-it-all a run for their knowledge.   Black Sparrow’s Thursday night quiz offers a £50 voucher that can be used for food or drink at the bar.  A case of beer is up for grabs at Sloan’s Thursday night ‘bad boy’ quiz  and even if you don’t win at West Brewery’s quiz, you’re in cosy surroundings with top quality beer.

So go on, the choices are endless.  Put that knowledge to the test.



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