Get into the festive spirits

Tis’ the season for a tipple or two.  So why not try something different – something more extraordinary than ordinary to celebrate the festivities.  But what?  We’re not quite sure so treat our pallets to the good stuff at a gin tasting at The Good Spirits Co.

Gin tasting at The Good Spirit Co in GlasgowTucked in behind the shop front is their sampling room where along with approximately 30 others, you’re in for a tasting treat.

Never judge a gin by its bottle…or name

If you think all gins are the same, oh how wrong you are.

Via co-owner of the shop and knowledgeable host of the tasting, we discover they can be surprisingly and wonderfully different.   From the rather earthy tasting Gin Xoriguer, that’s bottle suggests it’s been brewed by pirates,  to the totally effortlessly smooth Brockman’s concoction of orange and berries with the right hint of coriander, our tastebuds are both challenged and enchanted.

In addition to learning about gin’s early Dutch origins and that post-regulation in the late 1600s one-in-four flats in were brewing gin in London, we also discover to never judge a gin by the bottle or its name.   The slick-bottled Berkeley Square is unexpectedly herbal with hints of, would you believe, basil.

In total we happily sample (ahem throw back) six gins and one gin-based cocktail.  And admittedly although the room’s quite jovial by the end, we learn a lot about the once medicinal juniper-fused delight and importantly discover what flavours we actually enjoy most.

Just don’t drink, taste

So, if you’re up for discovering something new in a relaxed friendly setting, get yourself to the next The Good Spirits Co. tasting session.

And if gin’s not your thing – try one of their many other nights on offer like bourbon, wine, whiskey or even beer.  At just £15 it’s a fantastic deal.  Even better – 10% off all bottles tasted on the night.   So go on liberate your tastebuds and as Good Spirit Co says, don’t just drink, taste!

– T


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