Shorter colder days – don’t despair. Spice it up.

The days are getting shorter and there’s a definite nip in the air. And this rain isn’t helping anything. So I decide to shake off the autumn chill with something spicy and sensational by heading to Thai Lemon Grass* on Renfrew Street.

Admittedly from the outside Lemongrass is pretty easy to overlook or even write off completely.  However, inside, beyond its comparatively plain exterior, I’m greeted by attentive friendly staff and warm inviting surroundings.

Nestled in one of the comfy booths, we’re treated appetising prawn crackers and a mouth-watering menu brimming with choice.   It’s the perfect combination of old favourites like Thai fish cakes, green curry and spring rolls fused with new enticing dishes like Thai monkfish curry.  And that’s exactly what we order.

Thai Lemongrass veggie spring rolls, GlasgowEverything is beautifully presented little works of culinary art that tastes as good as it looks.

Still, it’s hard to decide which of our starters is champion – the delicate fishcakes are cooked to perfection with a cool refreshing sauce that melts-in-the-mouth.  And the equally tasty veggie spring rolls are bursting with flavour, and refreshingly are not greasy in the least.

Thai lemongrass green curry, GlasgowThe Thai green curry is the perfect fusion of savoury and sweet, with hints of coconut, lime and spice.   Although more tangy and textured, the hearty monkfish curry is equally as tantalising and has our tastebuds buzzing with delight.

A round of drinks, two starters and two mains roll in at just over £45 – worth every penny.  So if you’re looking for somewhere to escape the chill and totally satisfy your appetite – look no further.

And remember, don’t judge a place by its exterior or risk missing out on all the flavourful wonder-food awaiting you inside.

– T

*24 Renfrew Street, G2 3BW Phone: 0141 331 1315

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